Our QToolset training videos offer new and existing users a clear overview of how each feature of the QToolset works. For new  users we recommend you watch these videos in the order they are displayed.

QToolset and QToolset Enterprise users

    1. Using the QMasters templates (8 minutes)

    2. Data Quality alerts (6 minutes)

    3. Clinical Safety alerts (6 minutes)

    4. Using the QMasters Patient Recall System (15 minutes)

The total time to watch all of the above 4 videos is 35 minutes.

QToolset Enterprise users only

    1. Finding a referral form in EMIS Web (2.5 minutes)

    2. Making a referral using integrated referral forms in EMIS Web (7.5 minutes)

    3. Editing a referral form (1.5 minutes)

    4. Emailing a referral form (2 minutes)

    5. Using the Locally Commissioned Services module (8.5 minutes)

    6. Accessing Clinical Pathways (2.5 minutes)

The total time required to watch the above 5 videos is 25 minutes. 

Please contact us should you have any questions after viewing these videos.