Our QOF Monitoring Reports are default to present 'How am I driving' data (from the last 12m). If you wish to instead run your reports for the End of the Financial Year (April-March), please follow these short steps before you run the reports. 

1. Access the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.2 Ardens QOF Reports. Right click on the Ardens Manager QOF Monitor Data report and click Run.

2. In the box below, choose 'Advanced Options'.

3. You can now set a ‘relative run date’. This is the date that EMIS thinks it is when it runs the search. This can be today’s date or we can get it to ‘look ahead’ to the end of the QOF year by putting 31/3/22 into the box as below:

5. Finally, click Yes to run the searches.

NOTE: If you have changed the relative run date to the end of the QOF year, please use the ‘Patients Excluded’ from the ‘End of QMAS year (31-Mar-2022) tab rather than the default ‘How and I driving’ tab when identifying your patients.