The QOF Business Rules 2019-20 include a rule which automatically ‘excepts’ a patient who has been correctly coded as having had 2 invitations for their condition. 


EMIS have written their QOF searches and QOF prompts to reflect this rule, hence alerts stop appearing and patients no longer show as eligible for review once they have received two invitations. This is a problem as it will lead to unintended high exception-reporting rates, and also patients potentially missing important reviews. 


Our solution to this is our “QOF Catcher” searches (so named because it will catch any patients now missed by the EMIS QOF searches). The searches allow you to identify any patients who still need clinical action even though they are no longer on your official QOF lists. 


How to use the searches 


1. Import the searches (if not already installed) 


2. Run the whole folder 

You can do this by right clicking the ‘Ardens-QMasters QOF Catcher’ search folder and choosing ‘Run’ 


Note – it may take up to 15 minutes to run the searches as it will run all of QOF for all of your patients


3. Review the searches 


There are 3 folders of searches which break the lists down by condition:  

  There are also several searches in the top folder which provide aggregates: 

The main parts of this tool are the searches which include “had 2x invitations” in the title. There are some aggregate ones in the main folder and one in the folder of each QOF area which includes the invitation rule (such as Asthma, AF etc). CKD and other areas where there are no points to achieve are not included.  


The top-level Audit report ‘Failing any indicator – had 2x invitations (numbers)’ can be used to give you a quick overview. If you click on it and ‘view results’, you will see the number of patients ‘affected’ for each domain: 



Click on any of these figures and EMIS will give you a list of those patients in a new window. 


The other ‘had 2x invitations’ searches will give you the details by QOF domain. 



If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens-QMasters support on: