EMIS Health have now updated most sites with new searches that identify the shielded patients. NHS England published this guidance on 9th April advising practices what they need to do with a deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 14th April to complete this work.

The following is our understanding of this new guidance:

1. The searches can be found in EMIS Library -> READ searches -> EMIS Clinical Utilities -> COVID-19 patient management. The search is called "Patients at high risk of complications from COVID-19 infection"

2. All that has happened is that EMIS has now taken exactly the same searches that were initially run on secondary care data, and run them on your GP practice data and added any newly identified patients to the list.

3. This list does NOT include the patients who self-registered via the government website - you will get this list separately on or around 17th April and you will need to manually add these to the "shielded patients" list yourself if you agree that they should be shielded.

4. All of the patients in the EMIS search in (1) will receive a letter centrally. There is no need for you to send the patient a letter.

5. The "shielded patient" criteria has not changed from the initial CMO letter (ardens.live/cmo - page 3).

Next Steps for GP Practices

It is important that you check the patients identified in this search are correctly on the "shielded list". Clinicians may have some free time today/Monday to do this depending on how busy the surgery is.

1. If the patient has been correctly identified then there is no further action to take. You may wish to send further information/guidance to the patient but this is optional.

2. If you feel the patient should not be on the list then please record the EMIS ID somewhere and next week you will be able to remove them from the list using a new clinical code that EMIS Health is about to deploy. You may wish to contact the patient to advise them why you are removing them from this list.

3. If there are patients that you feel should be added to the list but have not yet been identified then you can do this by adding the code "Risk of exposure to communicable disease" to their record. You then need to send the shielding letter yourself (an auto-populating version is already installed in Resource Publisher sites, download from the Ardens Portal if on Template Manager).

We have updated our COVID19 search file to include a breakdown of the patients identified in the EMIS search by Usual GP and date they were identified as requiring shielding. This might make it easier to share the work of reviewing these patients across the practice.

Please note our search WILL ONLY break down the existing EMIS search by Usual GP. We have not yet completed our analysis of the new searches to decide whether we need to build additional searches to find patients not identified by this search.

Ardens is fully operational over the Bank Holidays. Please contact our support team via support-emis@ardens.org.uk or our Facebook chat group should you have any questions.