The Ardens Diary Recall System allows practice staff to easily manage diary recalls for blood tests, injections, procedures and long-term condition reviews. It offers the following:

  • A simple system for clinicians and administrators to set recall dates.
  • Alerts for reception staff to remind them what tests are due when a patient books an appointment or speaks to a receptionist.
  • Searches to plan future appointment requirements and identify patients due a recall.


If you are an existing Ardens subscriber this will already be installed, but may be deactivated if you have not completed the initial house-keeping process. There is no need to complete the house-keeping to start using the template, but you should not turn on the reminder "protocols" until house-keeping has been completed.

GP Practices that are not Ardens subscribers can arrange a remote demonstration of Ardens by e-mailing

Setting a Diary Recall Date

  • Launch the Diary Recall Template via the Run Template option within a consultation or the Data using Template option outside of a consultation (alternatively it can be accessed via the F12 prompt). You will see a summary on the front page of what recalls are due for the currently loaded patient:

  • Select the type of recall you wish to arrange by choosing the pages on the left-hand side of the template:

The following diary entries are covered in this template: 

  • Medical Administration - B12, Denusomab, Contraceptive injection, GnRH, Neuroleptic medication, Intramuscular injection of testosterone 
  • Investigations – Bloods - FBC, Renal function, TSH, LFT, PSA, Cholesterol, HbA1c, Ca125, Lithium, Calcium,  
  • Investigations – other - Dexa scan, Colonoscopy, Chest X-Ray, ECG, BP, Echocardiogram, Ultrasound 
  • Follow-ups - Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Smear, Wound care, depression interim review 
  • Annual reviews (last entry only) – Mental Health, Atrial Fibrillation, Asthma, Cancer Care Review, CHD, CKD, COPD, Dementia, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Learning Difficulties, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stroke 
  • Contraception - Contraceptive injection, IUD and IUS removal, Oral contraception, Subcutaneous contraception

  • Tick the box for the recall you require and choose the date you would like the patient to be recalled - optionally add some free text about the recall

Please note - entering 'd' (for days) 'w' (for weeks) 'm' (for months) 'y' (for years) will automatically work out the time frame.

Any existing diary entries for the particular item will display to the right-hand side of the date field (a yellow warning will display reminding the user of this if another date is entered). The previously coded result will also display below the diary entry field.

Identifying When a Recall is Due in the Patient Record

  • Clicking on the 'Summary' button in consultation mode shows all recalls that are due - This can be found in the 'Diary' section on the top right-hand side of the screen:

  • Reminders appear in the pink 'alert box' when a recall is due within the next month or overdue - These can be deactivated if you do not wish to see them.

Please note - diary alerts will display from 1/04/18. Click here for further guidance on housekeeping outstanding diary entries. 

Reception Recall Reminder

The reception recall reminder appears when a receptionist books an appointment for the patient.

This tells them what diary entries are due (within a month or those that are outstanding) and gives them choices to action this:

  • Book an appointment - will launch the Find Slot screen to book a further appointment for the patient.
  • Create a task - will open the task screen.
  • Check for results that have come in after diary dates - checks for any subsequent results.
  • Skip this time - will cancel the screen and return to the Appointment Book.

Managing Diary Entries using Searches

Searches can be set automatically to allow an administrator to monitor which patients are due for a recall. The searches can be found by navigating to Population Reporting > Ardens-QMasters Searches folder > Ardens Diary Recall Searches:

The searches are broken down by the following folders: 

  • Diary Recall Housekeeping Searches – includes searches for any diary entries on the patients record to support with the migration of all diary entries to the Ardens-QMasters Diary Recall System – see section on housekeeping
  • Ardens Diary Entry Searches – includes searches for diary entries that included in the Diary Follow-up Template. These can be broken down by further sub folders to easily navigate to the required group of recalls

Reports are also available for each search, breaking down details of the diary entry due and date, latest result where appropriate and any forthcoming appointments for the patient:

Please see our detailed guide below on using the Ardens Diary Recall System.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens-QMasters support on: