For clinicians visiting patients at home, it maybe useful for a home visit summary to be provided. EMIS Web allows practices to print a number of pre-defined summaries and an option to define a summary of their own. 

To access the summaries:

  • Load the required patient record and access the Summary tab.
  • Select the option for Print located on the EMIS ribbon.

Please note - the Print option is also available in all tabs, however options may differ.

  • The Printoption will display the following choices:
    • Display Print Status - displays summaries sent to print. 
    • Brief Summary - includes patient demographic details, active and significant past problems, current medication, allergies, health status,  immunisations (including consent codes), planned events (diary entries), last 3 consultations, latest investigations.
    • Full Summary - full summary of patient record.
    • Full Export with Attachments - documents saved in the patient record. 
    • Brief Summary with Attachments - as per brief summary, including attachments.
    • Full Summary with Attachments - as per full summary, including attachments. 
    • User Defined Summary - create own summary to include only the relevant information you may need while carrying out a home visit. 
    • Manage Templates - used to add/remove summaries and document templates

Creating a User Defined Summary

To create a User Defined Summary:

  • Select from the Print option.
  • Use the tick box provided to include the relevant sections of the patient record.
  • Selecting the Consultation tick box, will allow you to filter all consultations, last number of consultations, selected consultations or consultations in a certain date range.
  • The Values option allows you to filter by all, latest only or within a certain date range.
  • Selecting Problems allows you to specify Active, Minor Past or Significant Past problems (more than one box can be selected).
  • Selecting the Code History tick box, allows you to include a specified date range, latest only or selected codes. 
  • The Referrals tick box, allows you to include a specified date range, all or last number of referrals.
  • The Documents tick box include a specified date range, all or select documents.
  • The Allergies, Immunisation and QOF alerts tick boxes do not allow further filtering. 
  • Once the selections have been made, choose to either Save or Print.

The Save Template screen will allow you to make the summary visible for own use or to the organisation. Complete the Name, Description and Visibility fields and click OK.

The summary will now be visible from the Print option.

Removing a User Defined Summary

To remove a user defined summary from the Print option:

  • Select the Print option on the EMIS ribbon within a patient care record.
  • Click on the option for Manage Templates.
  • Select the template you wish to delete and click on the Remove option.
  • Click Save once complete. Please note - if the template has been shared with the organisation, you will be prompted to continue. 

Print/Email a Summary

To print or email a pre-defined or user defined summary:

  • Load the relevant patient record and click on the Print option on the EMIS Ribbon.
  • Select the summary you wish to print or email.
  • This will load the chosen summary with the merged patient details. 
  • Click on either the Print or Email option. Please note - the email option will default to Microsoft Outlook.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: