Creating a specific appointment session template will help to standardise the way the sessions appear in the EMIS Web Appointment Book. See steps below on how to create slot types, a session category and a appointment list for home visits.

Navigate to the EMIS Appointment Book to complete the following information.

Creating a Home Visit Slot Type

Creating specific slot types is a good way for searching for slots and reporting on them. It is likely the practice will already have a home visit slot set up. Please do not add a new slot type if one already exists. 

To create a slot type:

  • Click on the Appts Config option on the EMIS ribbon.
  • Select the Slot Type option within the Organisation Options section. Please note - if you can not see Organisation Options , this may be down to access, please speak with the practice local administrator to change your profile.
  • Click on the Add option.

  • Name the slot appropriately using the Name field e.g. Home Visits. 
  • Ensure the Bookable Slot tick box is selected.
  • Select the Visit option within the Status Type drop down field.
  • Choose an appropriate colour for the slot if required. 
  • Untick the Send Notification tick box if you do not wish for the patient to receive a text message.
  • Click on the magnify glass icon next to the Icon field and search and select the home or visit icon.
  • Enter the relevant information in the National Slot Details fields (use the screenshot as guidance only) and click on OK.

Creating a Session Category

Session categories offer another way to search for particular sessions and can also be reported on. 

To create a session category:

  • Click on the Appts Config option on the EMIS ribbon. 
  • Select the Session Categories option within the Organisation Options section. Please note - if you can not see Organisation Options, this may be down to access, please speak with the practice local administrator to change your profile. 
  • Click on the Add option.
  • Complete the Name field. 
  • For the Associate with option, select the option for List session types.

Please note - we suggest just adding one session category for Triage to allow easy filtering.

Creating a Session Template 

Creating a session template will enable the list for home visit appointments to be visible on the Appointment Book. Please follow your practice process for adding session templates, this can be either via the Weekly Templates or Create Session option.

To create a session template:

  • Complete the Session Name field with the appropriate name.
  • Select the option List from the Session Type drop down field.
  • Complete the Start Date and timing for the session, alternatively select option for 'all day'.
  • Enter the amount of slots using the Slot Count field and decide to display slot numbers using the tick box provided.
  • Select the Session Category (previously created in the section above) using the drop down field provided. 
  • Decide if the session  is to be hidden from online services. Update the fields as appropriate.
  • If the session is to occur recurrently, click on the Define option and select recurrence pattern. 
  • The Session Preview pane will display the layout of the session. Right click on the relevant slot to update the Slot Properties e.g. to change the slot type (you may want to add the slot types created earlier in this article), add any additional notes and select if individual slots are to be marked as blocked or urgent. Please note - individual slots can also be made Patient Facing Services Bookable. 

Please note - you can select multiple slots and update the Slot Properties at one time.

  • Click on Save as template... option to save the session template and complete further actions as per practice policy. 

Adding the Home Visit List to the Session Holder Filters 


To add Home Visits to the Session Holder Filter lists, select the Appts Config option > Session Holder Filters.

Click on the Add Session Holders and Lists option and enter a filter name e.g. Home Visit. Click on the magnify glass icon and search for the Home Lists list created earlier.

Once added, each user will need to add the session holder filter to their own 'Your Session Holders Filters' for the home visit list to be visible on their Appointment Book. This can be done via the Appts Config option and User Options section.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: