We have designed a tagging protocol to enable practice staff to view additional localised content in the Ardens standard templates.  

Please see guidance below on the process for existing patients, new patients joining the practice, and patients leaving the practice. 


Existing Patients 

All patients currently registered at your practice will require the tagging protocol applied to each individual care record. The Batch Add option will automate this process by adding the protocol to multiple patients in one action. 


Step 1 - Creating a Search to Find All Currently Registered Patients

  • Access the Population Reporting module 
  • Locate or create an appropriate folder for the search 
  • Click the Add option on the EMIS ribbon and select Patient > Search (alternatively right click on the folder and select Add > Patient > Search
  • Type a suitable name in the Name field for the search e.g. Currently Registered Patients 
  • Select the Based on option of Currently registered regular patients and click OK 
  • This search does not require any rules to be added. Click the Save and Run option on the ribbon. 


Step 2 – Copy the Protocol into a local folder (For Resource Publisher sites only, for Template Manager sites skip to step 3)

  • From the EMIS button, navigate to Configuration > Resource Publisher
  • Ensure the Protocols and Templates tab is selected in the bottom-left corner and select Shared Folders > Ardens Main > Ardens Plus Content > Local tagging protocols.
  • Right click on the protocol named 'Tagging protocol X (XXX CCG)' where X is a number and XXX is the name of your CCG/Federation and select Copy, then navigate to one of your appropriate practice folders (create a new folder if necessary), right-click and select Paste

Step 3 - Batch Add Protocol to Currently Registered Patients 

  • Click the Batch Add option located on the EMIS webribbon and select the option for Protocol. 
  • Click the find icon located at the end of the Batch Add field 
  • Search for the appropriate tagging protocol for your CCG by typing in “Tagging” and selecting the Tagging protocol that appears in the picking list (ignore the Registration Tagging protocol - explained in the New Patient section of this article). 
  • Once located, select the protocol and click OK 
  • Type in a Description (e.g. “Tagging protocol”) 
  • Click the find icon located at the end of the Search Population (included) field. Find the search created in step 1, select it and click OK
  • Acknowledge the number of patients the Batch Data Manager will add the protocol to, if you are happy to go ahead, click OK .The Batch add protocol warning message will display. Click Add Batch if you are happy to continue. Once complete, this will add the protocol to each patient care record. 

New Patients 

For new patients joining the practice, the tagging protocol will be applied automatically at the point of registration. The protocol is already installed with a trigger of ‘Register Patient’. No further action is needed by the practice.  

Some practices are finding that patient records coming GP2GP are causing the newly added tagging protocol to be over-written by one in the records coming via GP2GP.  To help address this issue we have created a search displaying newly registered patients.


To navigate to this search, access the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches > Registration related searches > Tagging alignment (for Plus + Pro customers only) folder:



To run the search, right click on the search and select Run.  The Run box will display, click Yes to continue:


We have put a parameter on this search, so users can run it at intervals of their choice. From the Run Parameters box, select a timeframe of your choice and this will return patients registered in that specified time frame.  Some examples may be:


  • Patients registered last month:

  • Patients registered in the last 3 months:

Click OK once complete.

You should now Batch Add the Tagging protocol to the Population Included from this search as described above in Step 3 - Batch Add Protocol to Currently Registered Patients.

The Protocol in Action 

Whether you are viewing an existing patient or for any new patients joining the practice, once the protocol is applied, a future diary entry of 'Primary Care Group' will be added to the patient record. This future diary entry will act as a trigger to display localised content in the data entry templates. 


The data entry templates can be accessed within a consultation (Run Template) or outside of a consultation (Add -> Data using Template). Once the appropriate template has been located, providing the tag (diary entry) exists within the patient care record, the localised content will display as an additional page in the template or a section within a page. 



Ardens 2019/20 Epilepsy template displaying local resources  




Patients Leaving the Practice 

For any patients leaving the practice, the future diary entry added to the care record for the purpose of viewing localised content will not be needed on the transfer of the patient's electronic record. 


The Cancel Future Diary Entries checkbox within the Request Deduction screen is selected by default. If left selected this will cancel the Primary Care Group diary entry without any further action. Please be aware this option will cancel all future diary events for the patient. Please check your practice process on cancellations of future diary entries for patients. 


 Request Deduction screen - Cancel Future Diary Entries checkbox selected by default

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk