The Ardens Flu Search Suite is a comprehensive suite of searches to support practices with the work associated with Flu season. As 2020-21 criteria are not yet available, we have based these on 2019-20 criteria.

The suite contains 3 folders of searches:

These can be found in the Population Reporting module of EMIS in Ardens searches > Ardens Flu Search Suite folder.

1. Seasonal Flu Vaccine Ordering Guide

This suite is designed to help you to work out how many vaccines of which type to order. Based on everyone who was eligible last year, it is designed to be a 'catch all' and is likely to be an over estimate, if anything, of eligible patients. Please note this SHOULD NOT be used for call/recall.

There are 3 groups of searches within this folder:

They all give slightly different numbers to enable you to best assess the number of vaccines to order.

The top group, 'All Patients at risk 2020/21.....' is every patient who is likely to be potentially at risk this year. This group is broken down by the different age groups to enable ordering of the different vaccines.

The next group 'Patients vaccinated by anyone.....LAST season' gives you an indication of the total number of patients who were vaccinated altogether, again broken down by age.

The final group 'Patients vaccinated with correct GP code....' indicates the update at practice level last year.

2. Seasonal Flu Call & Recall Searches 2020-21

These searches are broken down into those due 1st invitation, those due 2nd invitation and those who have had 2 invitation and not yet been vaccinated. They all have the same layout within them, breaking the groups into manageable age-groups for recall:

The final folder is a 'denominator' folder on which the others are based.

3. Seasonal Flu Performance 2020-21

These searches are designed to help practices to assess the uptake of flu vaccine among their patients, whether vaccinated by the practice or elsewhere (NOTE - these are not searches to be used for claims).

These searches are broken down by age group and then by who gave the vaccination, with separate searches to indicate those who have declined / are contraindicated and also those who have not had, declined or contraindicated.

The 'Seasonal Flu - Housekeeping Searches' folder contains some very useful searches:

These help you to identify:

Patients not on 'at risk' list who have been vaccinated by the practice (need to consider adding '9OX4 (Needs flu immunisation) code in order to ensure payment if appropriate.

Patients who were coded with 9OX4 (Needs flu immunisation) LAST year but not this year - consider whether it is appropriate to vaccinate these patients this year and if so, add the code 9OX4 to ensure recall and payment.

Patients vaccinated with the wrong code - this is a list of patients who have been vaccinated by the practice but who do not have the correct vaccine code on their record, meaning that you will not get paid for them.

Vaccination recorded more than once - these patients appear to have more than one flu vaccine code on their record, which may need checking.

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