This suite of searches has been designed to help practice to understand the uptake of national screening services among their patient population. It also contains call and recall searches for Cervical Screening, as some practices have indicated this could be helpful.

Searches included

The suite contains 3 folders and can be located in the Ardens folder within the Population Reporting module:

Bowel Screening Uptake

This section is broken down into uptake among those patients eligible for Bowel Cancer Screening (FIT tests) and Bowel scope screening:

Each of these folders contains roughly the same information - each of these has a search for the eligible population, then one for those eligible and not screened or declined. 

The  report will help you to identify the latest coded screening or declined code for each patient.

The UPTAKE report will give you a percentage (%) figure which indicates your actual uptake.

Breast screening uptake

Again, this gives the eligible population and the uptake percentage:

Cervical Screening uptake and call & recall

There are 2 folders here as shown:

Call & Recall is broken down into the different age groups for the different screening intervals:

Each is then broken down by 1st invitation, 2nd invitation and 3rd invitation, with reports including patient details for export to a texting or posting service if you choose:

The cervical screening uptake searches are similar to the other screening searches to enable you to identify those who fall into each target group and your uptake percentage:

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: