Ardens includes a large suite of searches and reports and we recommend spending some time exploring these so that you understand what is available for you to use. This webinar introduces these searches and reports and demonstrate how you can use them to improve patient care, increase clinical safety, and maximise practice income.

The webinar covers the following areas:

  • Case Finding: Identifying patients potentially missing from disease registers.
  • Cancer screening: Supporting practices to improve the uptake of national screening services among their patient population (part of QOF QI and the Network DES).
  • Clinical Safety: Searches to ensure practices are compliant with MHRA guidance.
  • CQRS: Supporting practices with CQRS claims for the current financial year.
  • Prescribing: Identifying patients that might benefit from a review by the practice/PCN pharmacist.
  • Seasonal Immunisations: Searches to assist practices in managing the upcoming flu immunisation season.
  • Remote reviews: Identifying patients that are suitable for a remote review of their long-term condition.
  • End-of-Life: Supporting death analysis auditing.
  • Equipment Loan Module: Create a register to record the loan and return of equipment to the practice.
  • Ardens Manager: our cloud-based analytics platform, will also be demonstrated. This allows practice data to be displayed graphically and (optionally) shared with your PCN, Federation, or CCG so that practices can bench-mark themselves against each other. This is particularly useful for PCNs as areas of particular clinical need can be identified and recruitment decisions can be made using good-quality data.  

Please see recording of the webinar below:

Please see questions answered during the session:



Do you have any PPA searches and where can I locate these?

We have recently created PPA searches for practices and these will be available in our next update or for download from the portal from Monday 20th July as part of the ‘Ardens Main Searches’ folder

Further information can be found here.

Do the Chronic Disease (QOF) searches match the QOF contract searches?

Our Chronic Disease (QOF) recall searches are based on the QOF business rules.

Can we search for COVID antibody testing results?

We do not have an Ardens search available for this at the moment, however we have added this to our Development log for consideration.

Are the Arden searches updated according to the new QOF rules?

Where QOF is referenced in our searches we always ensure this updated with the latest business rules, using EMIS library QOF register searches where possible to ensure alignment.

The searches you are showing are not the same as we have in our practice system?

We have recently restructured our searches folder and practices will receive this in the next update or you can download them from the portal from Monday 20th July as part of the ‘Ardens Main Searches’ folder.

Do you have flu invite searches?

Our Ardens Flu Search suite 2020-21 contains Seasonal Flu Call and Recall Searches.


If you do have access to our new flu suite, the searches can be downloaded via our portal -


Further information on our flu searches can be found here.

How can we access the recording of the webinar?

Please access the webinar using the same link –

Do you have a case finding search for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is not included in our case finding searches. However, we do detailed searches on our Data Validation Report along with a Data Quality Alert to ensure requirements for Osteoporosis are recorded correctly.

Are the Arden Searches free of Read codes? this has stopped us in past from copying and editing?

We are working through updating our searches and the vast majority our now ‘read code free’. 


Searches can be copied but please remember if we update the searches going forward, this will not be reflected in any searches that have been copied locally.

How do we search for woman who have declined/refused cervical smears?

We have provided practices with Cervical screening uptake and call/recall searches and these can be located in the Ardens Main Searches > Cancer screening searches folder. If you do not yet have these, you will receive this in the next update or you can download them from the portal from Monday 20th July as part of the ‘Ardens Main Searches’ folder


Further information can be found here

How do we remove patients from the COVID delayed list once reviewed and completed? Is there an additional code we can add to take the patient off the list?

There is not currently a safe way to do this, as a patient may be entered onto the delayed list more than once and any code which took them off would be a risk. We recommend that you use free text associated with the code to manage this.

The CQRS searches do not seem to match the criteria requested in CQRS?

We have written our searches according to the 2020-21 requirements for CQRS and only provide the Payment Indicators in all cases except MMR, where the Management Indicators are mandatory. Please do let us know if there are anomalies and we will investigate.

Can we search for DM and BAME patients?

This is not something currently available, but we will add it to our development list for consideration.

Are there Case Finding searches for palliative/end of life patients?

This is currently not included in our case finding searches. However, the Ardens Manager System Reports > Frailty and End of Life searches contains reports around activity and performance.

Do you offer cervical smear invitation letters to go with the searches?

Yes, we have our Cervical Smear invitation letters available as Document Templates. Simply locate the Ardens Doc > Cervical Smear folder.

Will Ardens be providing practices with a flu and pneumo vaccination protocol?

We are currently updating our protocol, and this will be provided to practices by mid-August.

Do you have searches for shingles call and recall rather than the claims?

Yes, these are available in our search suite. If you do not already have them then you will receive them in the next update or you can download them from the portal from Monday 20th July as part of the ‘Ardens Immunisation Searches’ folder

Are the shingles searches not after the 1st Feb 1939?

We are certain this is the right date range but please challenge us if not!

For the EMIS CQRS searches, we normally run them on the 1st December if we want to see the November figures – does the Ardens CQRS searches work on the same principle?

Yes, we recommend to run the searches in the same way as they look to the ‘last month’ from the date on which you run them. Thus, you can also run them retrospectively by altering the ‘relative run date’. There is more information here

How do we download searches?

Searches can be downloaded via our portal – click here

Please could you explain Ardens Manager?

Ardens Manager is our separate cloud based analytic tool and it allows practice to report on activity at practice, PCN and CCG level.


Further information can be found here.

Do you have over 75, postnatal and over 40 recall searches?

Not currently, no but we can add to the request log.

Do you have any plans for a denosumab system e.g. who is late for an injection or late for bloods?

The Ardens Diary Recall System includes monitoring patients returning for a denosumab injections along with monitoring patients who require blood tests.


Further information can be found here

Which services can we report on using Ardens Manager?

EMIS practice can upload information for the following areas – QOF, Diabetes, Frailty, EOL and Respiratory and also COVID. 

Does the Ardens Manager dashboard update automatically?

Practices need to upload reports to see latest data.

Do we need to pay extra for Ardens Manager?

No Ardens Manager is included in all packages with no additional cost, you just need to sign up for it!

With the £/ point info – does it exclude patients if the time has lapsed E.g. diabetic education referral?

It looks at the QOF business rules, so yes it will remove patients where the time has lapsed (and also exception reporting etc.)

Do you have any searches for NHS Health Checks

The Ardens NHS Health Check searches can be located within the Ardens Main Searches folder.

Are there any searches in the capitation folder?

No – the capitation search is just a denominator search to feed the data needed for upload to Ardens Manager.

We have been working through the housekeeping Non-Ardens recall codes and changing the codes to Ardens recall template codes, but we are finding lots of codes that we use that don’t transfer e.g. pessary replacement due, Spirometry, NOAC monitoring, MSU, HRT review, uric acid, Pneum vac (5Yrly)., Dopplers…to name a few.


We also have random (one-off) blood tests – maybe several at a time e.g. HbA1c + LFT + FBC etc. and annual bloods (again as a group) – it would be nice to be able to add one recall for this with the bloods in the free text box.


Do you have any plans to add more codes to your recall templates?

Please see further information on our Ardens Diary Recall System – click here


We have provided searches to help you identify diary entries that will not be picked up in the Ardens Diary Recall System (Diary Recall Housekeeping Searches > *All Non-Ardens Diary Entries folder), practices can then make a decision to replace these using our Diary Recall Template.


Further diary entries will be included in a future update, watch this space! Thus, will include HRT, Pessary, Spirometry, NOAC and doppler (amongst others).

If clinical staff are not using the Ardens Templates, will codes remain the same and data collected by old codes?

If the clinicians are using the same coding these still will be picked up in our searches.


We do always encourage staff to use the Ardens Templates to ensure there is consistency of coding.

Are you searches based on what appears within the pink alert box e.g. flu, pneumo and shingles?

Not always, depending on how up to date EMIS is with their alerts!

Will Ardens provide a Structured Medication Review template and searches?

We have recently updated our Structured Medication Review template – please see further information here.

Does the NHS Health Check searches include patients due or overdue?

The Ardens NHS Health Check searches includes those that have had a check in last 12 months, those eligible and those declined.

Do you have MMR reports for CQRS for patients that need to be offered appointments?

We do not currently have searches this but will add to our Development log for consideration. Note, though, that this is not for CQRS but would be for assisting with the MMR Enhanced Service.

How do we arrange patients to come in during their birth month for QOF recall?

The Ardens Chronic Disease Recall System can help with this. Please see further information here

Do you have any searches available for patients on child protection register?

These are currently being developed.

How do we add the RSS feed?

Please visit for further information.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: