The following support article outlines how to clear your EMIS cache. This is particular useful if you are experiencing any frequent issues with loading templates. 

Step 1 - Delete Cache

Access your computer C: to locate the ProgramData folder.

If you are unable to locate the ProgramData folder, check the folder has not been hidden in your computer settings. Click on the View menu and ensure the 'Hidden items' tick box has been selected.

Open the ProgramData folder and select the EMIS folder.

Locate your EMIS CDB number folder. If you are a Resource Publisher site, select the Resource Publisher folder first and then the relevant EMIS CDB number folder.

Right click on the folder and select Delete option.

Once the items are deleted. Access the Recycle Bin, right click on the same folder as above and select Delete. Click Yes to the following prompt.

Step 2 - Reload EMIS Web

Once you have deleted the relevant files as above, access EMIS web to reload the resources.

Once accessed, you will be presented with a warning, advising you resources are downloading.

Once downloaded, the warning sign will display with a green tick and you will be able to access the Template Manager and Resource Publisher module in the normal way.

On accessing Resource Publisher, please click on the Refresh button on the ribbon before proceeding. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: