For information on the Ardens Immuinsation 2021 tools, please access this link. To view a previous recording of the Flu Resources 2020/21 webinar, click here.

We are a Template Manager site and unable to see the flu protocols on our EMIS system, how can I download these?

The Ardens flu protocols will be deployed in your next routine update. In the meantime for Template Manager sites only, the protocols can be downloaded from the Ardens Portal. Enter your practice name (or national code) and click on the Select button to access the flu protocols, searches and other useful resources. Further instructions on how to download from the portal can be found here.

When I import the protocols, I have a conflict error message?

There sometimes can be a problem when importing resources to EMIS. To prevent this issue we have provided an alternative versions and these can be found on the Ardens Portal.

When I import the protocols, I have a message to overwrite resources, am I ok to continue?

This message displays because the protocol contains EMIS Library items. It is fine to click on Yes to continue.

The Flu protocol keeps crashing when I edit it?

Both the Ardens Seasonal Flu and Pneumococcal protocols need to be downloaded and imported to your EMIS Web system– the Seasonal Flu protocol needs the Pneumococcal protocol to work properly. If you have downloaded a “b” version of the Seasonal Flu protocol the Pneumococcal 'b' version must also be downloaded.

There is no option in the protocol to administer the NHS Flu vaccine?

The 21/22 protocol has extra concepts in it, to check to see if the patient is eligible for the NHS Vaccine. If the patient is not eligible for the flu vaccine, the prompt for the NHS Vaccine is not offered. 

I have added the batch number to the protocol but it is not going into the patient record?

The batch numbers need to be added to both the multiple choice question and the add code prompts. The multiple choice question is seen by the end user when they use the protocol, the code entry saves into the patient record. 

When you edit the protocol, click on the arrow from the relevant prompt. This will highlight the link to the code to be added. The site of the vaccination is already listed so just the manufacturer, batch number and expiry date need to be added.

More information about adding batch codes etc. in a practice with Resource Publisher can be found here.

More information about adding batch codes etc. in a practice with Template Manager can be found here.

I have imported the reception template but the pop up does not seem to be appearing?

The reception protocol needs to have a trigger added. We suggest that you trigger the protocol at “load patient record” and “book appointment”.  

More information about adding a trigger to a protocol can be found here.

The Ardens protocol does not trigger to add medication or create a script?

Flu and pneumococcal vaccines are seen as high volume vaccines and do not need to have prescription recorded or printed. The PPA claim just needs the basic vaccine information. The Ardens protocol should be edited to add the manufacturer, batch number, expiry date and site of the injection, this will then be recorded in the patient record.

Ardens have also provided a report that can be used to submit the PPA claim. Please see further information on the Ardens Flu Search Suite here.

How can I remind practice staff to record ethnicity if none found for the patient during the flu clinic?

Ardens have created protocols to remind practice staff that a patient does not have a ethnicity recorded in their record. The protocols consists  of a alert in the pink box that will flag a patient has no ethnicity recorded when loading a patient record and a protocol which can optionally be triggered by a flu code entered (ethnicity template will launch if no ethnicity recorded). Further information on the Ardens Ethnicity tools can be found here.

Does the flu protocol have the option for PSD and PGD?

The protocol offers the end user the option to add the code for PGD and PSD when giving the flu or pneumococcal. We do not include the document for PSD and PGD as this may vary in different areas.

I have patients that are not appearing in the flu and pneumo PPA searches?

Please ensure the manufacturer details are included for those patients missing from the search.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: