To upload your Network DES data from SystmOne to Ardens Manager, please follow the below steps:

1. Open the Network DES dashboard in Ardens Manager and select the 'Upload' task in the top-right task box.

2. Open SystmOne, navigate to your Clinical Reporting screen and open the Ardens folder. (Reporting>Clinical Reporting>Ardens Ltd.)

3. Find the 'Contracts | 2022-23 | NCD' folder and make sure you have 'Show sub-category reports in category folders' option ticked in the bottom left corner. Run all reports in this folder.

3a. SystmOne will only let you run 150 reports at once. If there are more than 150 reports in the folder, highlight the first 150 and select run, then run the remaining. At the bottom of the screen you can see how many you have selected. 

4. Once all the reports have run (the date and time will be updated in the 'last run' column), right-click anywhere in the list of reports, select table and open as CSV. 

5. All of the reports and results will now open in CSV format (usually in Excel). Copy everything in this spreadsheet. Click in cell A1, then CTRL+A to select all followed by CTRL+C to copy all on your keyboard. 

6. Re-open Ardens Manager. Click in the bottom box of the upload task, then CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste in your data. 

7. You will now have an option to import the data in the bottom right hand corner of the upload box. Select this and your new data upload for the Network DES is complete.