We have released an update to our searches today and new versions are now available on the portal. We have had to slightly change the folder numbers to allow us to add more folders (this change will ensure we don’t need to rename the folder numbers again in the future). The main changes are:


1.1 Chronic Disease (QOF) Recall System – these searches have been updated to include the minor changes required by v45 of the QOF business rules. We have also added a folder of searches to identify patients who have had 2 x invitations in this QOF year and who have not yet had an annual review.


1.3  Ardens Main Searches – there are a few minor changes here, but most notably these now contain CQRS Pneumo searches (see the SMI & CQRS folder, and please read this support article before using them). We have also moved the Prescribing folder from here to Ardens Clinical Safety searches.


1.4  Ardens Clinical Safety Searches – these now contain the prescribing searches.


1.5  Ardens Immunisation searches – we have updated the flu search suite to remove some incorrect clinical codes from the eligible population. More information about the codes which have been removed can be found here.


2.1  Ardens Risk stratification searches – these are new searches that are designed to help practices focus chronic disease reviews on higher risk patients. There is no formal guidance around how to do this and we have based our searches on recommendations that are supported by NHS England.


5.2  Ardens Manager QOF reports – These searches are our version of the QOF v45 “GP Contract” searches provided by EMIS. The EMIS searches are only run weekly at present, whilst the Ardens QOF Reports can be run daily. You can also upload these reports to Ardens Manager (free-of-charge) to view your performance graphically.


5.3 Ardens Manager National Contract Reports – these searches have been updated after feedback from users over the past month. Importantly, we have also added the new Structured Medication Review code to the searches as appropriate (this was only released to EMIS Web sites recently).


As usual, practices will receive these new searches with their next update (within approx. 6 weeks) but you can download all of these search folders now via the Ardens Portal if you wish to import them yourself. Please erase previous versions of the folders if you do this to avoid confusion.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk.