NHS England advised in September that most QOF indicators are income-protected this year. This is subject to practices agreeing an approach to QOF population stratification with their commissioner. It is not clear what this means and many practices are choosing to continue to complete annual asthma reviews whilst awaiting clarity on this.

The QOF requirements for an Asthma annual review have changed for 2020/21. EMIS has only just started updating practices with the v45 QOF Business Rules and practices may notice that patients who appear to have had an asthma review already this year are not being flagged as such in the EMIS alerts and QOF searches. This is because the following is now required by QOF to have a completed asthma annual review:

  • Asthma Control Test (ACT) score coded.
  • Number of exacerbations recorded in past year.
  • Asthma annual review coded.
  • Asthma management plan coded.

The above four items must all be coded on the same day. Please note that asking the 3 RCP questions is no longer accepted for QOF and any patients who have had a review that does not include the above data will require a further review.

Ardens Resources

  • The Ardens Asthma template was updated several months ago to include these changes and all versions since v14.0 reflect these new requirements. We have just updated it to v14.2.1 to make these changes even clearer. This has already been deployed to Resource Publisher sites. Template Manager sites will receive this with their next update, or it can be downloaded now from the Ardens portal.
  • We have built QOF housekeeping searches to identify patients who have not had the full review completed for this financial year which highlight which clinical codes are missing. This search is located in "Ardens Searches > Ardens Main Searches (v19) > QOF Related searches > QOF housekeeping - annual reviews ?missing coding" folder. If you don't already have v19 of the "Ardens Main Searches" please download from Ardens portal.  

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: suport-emis@ardens.org.uk