EMIS are in the process of rolling out V45 of the QOF business rules to practices. Once updated you may notice lower numbers than expected for your completed Heart Failure annual reviews. In order to meet the new requirements for 2020/21, the following is required for a QOF Heart Failure review:

  • Patient should be treated with an ACE-I or ARB
  • Heart failure review coded
  • Medication review coded

Ardens Resources

The Ardens Heart Failure template from V14.0 has been updated to reflect this change.

We have created QOF housekeeping searches to identify patients that have not had the full review completed for this financial year. The search can be found in "Ardens Searches > Ardens Main Searches > QOF Related searches > QOF housekeeping - annual reviews ?missing coding".

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: suport-emis@ardens.org.uk