The Flu Enhanced Service specification was revised last week and now includes a requirement for practices to request that the patient advises them of their ethnicity status and for practices to record this correctly in the clinical record (page 15, paragraph B of this document).

Ethnicity Searches

Ardens has released a suite of searches (Ardens Main Searches v18.4 - download now from the Ardens Portal and select the sub-folder "Appointments and Registration -> Ethnicity") that provide information on the number of patients in your practice that has ethnicity recorded. There is more information about these in this support article.

Ethnicity Protocol

The new Ardens Ethnicity Protocol checks the clinical record for a correct ethnicity code and IF A VALID CODE IS ABSENT it will launch a simple template to record ethnicity. This protocol has been published to Resource Publisher sites today and is available for Template Manager sites to download from the Ardens Portal. Practices can choose how they use this and options include:

  • Auto-run when adding a flu vaccination code (thus making it part of your flu protocol).
  • Auto-run when a receptionist loads a patient record or books an appointment.
  • Auto-run for every clinician in the GP practice when a consultation is started.
  • Run manually via the F12 protocol launcher.

If a valid code is present in the record then nothing will happen when the protocol is run (this allows you to set it to auto-run and your staff-members won’t be interrupted unless there is no ethnicity code). Please read this support article that explains how to configure this (including a brief video).

Ethnicity Alert (in pink-box)

Lastly, we have released a protocol alert which will put a message in the QOF “alert” box if a patient does not have an ethnicity code. Double clicking that alert will launch a simple template to record ethnicity. This has been published to Resource Publisher sites and Template Manager sites will receive this in their next routine update (we are unable to make this available to download from the Ardens Portal).

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: