COVID–19 has caused many changes, particular within the NHS, including GP practices. The virus has highlighted that particular groups of people may be more vulnerable. 

Ardens have created a suite of searches and reports to help practices to manage these groups of patients.

COVID-19 Searches

To locate the searches navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > Ardens COVID-19 Searches  folder.

COVID-19 delayed treatment register  

It is important that even during the pandemic that “usual/normal” treatments are not missed. The Ardens toolset includes a COVID-19 template, this allows the end user to code delayed treatment, however as long as the correct codes are added outside of the template, they will be picked up by this search too.

This folder contains an aggregate report that shows any patients who have the delayed treatment code entered into their care record.

The report displays as follows:

  • First column of the report shows the patients details
  • Second column shows details of the delayed treatment 
  • Third column shows details to those who have a “discharged from follow-up, follow up arranged or no follow up arranged” code in their care record since April 2020 
  • Fourth column shows patients who have an open follow-up appointment or the code recorded to show that the patient has follow-up “to return when and if necessary”

This report can be exported into Excel and sorted into the different codes so that patients with no follow-up can be contacted. 

COVID Remote Monitoring (CO@H)

Please see further information on resources to support COVID Oximetry @Home here.

Downs Syndrome, CKD 5 and at risk under 16s 

From the 3rd of November 2020, adults with downs syndrome are to be considered part of the extremely vulnerable patients cohort, patients with severe forms of CKD are also at high risk of dangerous side effects from the COVID virus. It is important that these patients are coded as being high risk COVID-19.

It is also recommended that practice check children and young people under 16 who are still on the shielded patient list (SPL) and remove them where appropriate. 

This folder includes three folders reporting any patients who fall into the above categories. 

Patients who are CEV, BAME and COVID Positive

Searches to support practices with prioritisation. 

Vulnerable patients by usual GP 

This folder contains two searches.


The first search reports on patients who are currently coded as being at high risk of complications if they contract COVID-19. 

The report shows the usual GP for these patients, the date the high risk code was added and the reason the patient is high risk. This report allows the GPs to have an overview of patients at risk that they usually see.


The second search reports is similar to the above but reporting on those patients coded at either moderate or low risk.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: