COVID 19 Shielding List - NHS England Bulletin 2nd November

NHS England has published guidance ( asking GP practices to complete specific actions relating to their COVID "High-Risk" register. The following are the main actions required by GP practices:

  1. Immediately review any children and young people remaining on the Shielded Patient List (SPL) who your practice added and, where appropriate, remove them from the SPL.
  2. Urgently identify, contact, and flag adults with Down's syndrome as "High Risk". You may also want to offer these patients a flu vaccine at the same time.


Ardens Resources
We have created searches for both of the above populations but please note it is not possible to only include the children added locally by your GP practice and so our search includes all children with the "High Risk" code.


Please download the "COVID High Risk Searches" file from the Ardens Portal, import them into EMIS Web and run them. Use the "Review of High Risk Patients" page on the "Ardens COVID 19" template to either move the patient to "Medium" or "Low" risk, or if you feel the patient should remain as high-risk then it is important that you re-add the "High risk" code so that our searches can automatically exclude the patient when they are re-run.


NHS England has published patient letters that practices have been asked to send to Down's syndrome patients. We have converted these to EMIS format so that they auto-populate. These need to be downloaded from the Ardens Portal ( and imported into your EMIS site.

These resources are free for all sites, including non-subscribers.