Ardens has developed a suite of searches to support practices with the COVID19 vaccination enhanced service

To access the Ardens COVID19 Vaccination searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.7 Ardens COVID19 Searches > Ardens COVID19 Vaccination Searches folder.

It's important to note that these searches may change, depending on the latest advice. The searches are based on the JCVI guidance and Green Book guidance.

*Practices can download the most recent version of the Ardens COVID19 Vaccination searches from the Ardens Portal*

COVID19 Vaccination Searches 

00. Overview of Achievement

This search folder (broken down by phase 1, phase 2 and specific groups) offers an audit of those patients that have had three vaccines, two vaccines. one vaccine, those not vaccinated and those declined. The searches have been broken down by the eligible cohorts.

Once the searches have been run, sub searches a-d for each cohort should add to the total of the cohort number. If not, we suggest running the 30. Data Quality Searches folder and actioning search 6. Had 3 vaccination doses, 3rd coded before 3 months after 2nd

The 'Had three vaccine doses' will also count for patients coded with a second dose within 5 months, following government guidance.

The Specific groups folder will give practices a breakdown of achievement for patient groups such as Asylum Seekers, BAME, Homeless, Housebound, Immunosuppressed, Learning Disability, Severe Mental Illness and Pregnant patients. 

Please note - the Immunosuppressed Patients are not the defined group by NHS England but general Immunosuppressed patients on Immunosuppressant medication or have a Immune deficiency diagnosis code added to their record.

00.Second Vaccination Recall

This search folder supports practices in identifying patients to be called in for a second vaccine. The cohort search folder excludes eligible patients already invited for a second vaccine.

To run the searches, right click on the search folder, select Run and click Yes. This will open the Run Parameters screen which allows practices to choose the timeframe since the first vaccination e.g. 9 weeks or more ago. 

When selecting a timeframe, please ensure you select 'before or on' for the 'time since 1st vaccine is' option, followed by the desired time frame (example below shows more than 9 weeks ago).

Always pay attention to the description at the bottom of the screen as this will let you know the date it will use if run today.

Click OK to run the searches.

To support practices with planning and managing patients to be called in for the second vaccine, the 'AccuBook ready report' will show details of the date the patient received the 1st vaccination, along with details of the type given and the vaccine centre the patient received this at. This report can be exported to Excel to be able to further filter and sort data to recall patients in. For further information on how to do this, please see the following 5-min training video.

The 'REVIEW - Had 1st vacc dose...' search identifies patients with a unclear vaccine type. Practices may wish to review these patients before inviting them in.

00. Vaccination Status

This search folder includes useful searches to identify the vaccination status of all currently registered regular patients. There are useful 'mop-up' searches for patients not yet vaccinated or for data quality checking.

Please note - we have recently added the 'Review: Immunosuppressed patients (medication and diagnosis)' report. This will allow practices to view a list of all 

immunosuppressed patients, with their COVID vaccine history i.e. 1st dose, 2nd dose, 3rd dose and 4th dose. 

13. Age 16-18, no UHCs

This search folder identifies patients aged between 16 and 18 (excluding those with underlying health conditions) who are still to be invited in for the vaccination.

14. Age 12-15 with UHC or household contact 

This search folder identifies patients aged 12-15 with one of the specified conditions in the JCVI guidance.

If you are unsure as to why a patient appears in a group, please click on the search at the top (14. COVID-19 Vaccination- Age 12-15 with specific UHC or household c...) and choose 'check patient' on the ribbon at the top of the screen. You will then see a window like this:

The highlights show which searches from the Underlying Health Conditions denominators the patient appears in. By navigating to the search below and repeating the 'check patient' function on the appropriate condition search, you will see which code(s) have been identified on the record to place them in the cohort.

To watch a short video on how to use the Check Patient feature, please see the following support article.

15. Age 12-15 with no UHC

This search folder identifies patients aged between 12-15 years (excluding those with underlying health conditions) who are still to be invited in for the vaccination should you wish to call these patients in. 

16. Age 5-11 with UHC or housebound contact

This search folder identifies patients aged 5-11 years with one of the specified conditions in the JCVI guidance who are still to be invited in for the vaccination. 


17. Age 5-11 with no UHC

This search folder identifies patients aged 5-11 years with no underlying health conditions who are still to be invited in for the vaccination should you wish to call these patients in.


20. Booster Vaccinations

These are the patients eligible for Booster vaccinations according to the latest JCVI guidance. This folder is broken down by eligible cohorts:

Each folder includes the total number eligible in the particular cohort and will narrow down those invited for the booster and those not.

For practices who wish to focus on inviting all eligible patients and not by a particular cohort, the 00. ALL patients eligible for booster searches combines all eligible patients who have had their second vaccination more than 3 months ago. 


Please note - running the search on today's date will give you all patients eligible today. If you have a clinic in 2 weeks time (for example), then please run the search with a relative run date of 2 weeks time.

The Accubook ready report can be exported and further filters can be applied to the report to determine how you wish to priortise the patients. Further information on filtering reports can be found here

21. Spring Boosters

These are patients eligible for the spring boosters and reports on were the latest COVID dose was a minimum of 6 months ago, following the Green Book guidance.

Viewing the results of the reports will show you the patients vaccine status.

If you wish to plan ahead, run the searches and set a relative run date (Advanced options) to a future date. This will then look back 6 months from the date you have selected (useful if you are planning future clinics).

If you wish to change the timeframe since the latest dose, click on the 40. Denominators search folder within the Ardens COVID19 Vaccination search folder. Edit the Latest vaccine dose was 6+ months ago (and before 1/3/22) search:

Double click on the rule and change to the preferred date range.

Click OK and Save and Run the search once complete.

Re-run the relevant Spring Booster searches.

30. Data Quality Searches

The Data Quality searches folder helps practices to identify coding errors and ambiguous codes (e.g. care home residents and Health and Social Care workers).

The ?High clotting risk search identifies patients at risk of high clotting which you may wish to review before inviting the patient in for the Astra Zeneca vaccine. 

The Patient had 3 vaccines before 1st Sept 2021 search identifies patients with multiple COVID vaccines recorded before 1st September 21 (prior to the COVID booster vaccine guidance). We suggest to review this list of patients and correct coding errors. 

The Second vaccine dose coded with no first vaccine dose coded search identifies patients coded with 'Administration of second dose' but not first, you may want to review these patients and record details of the first dose.

The Coded severe allergic reaction OR issued auto-injector, no COVID vac contrain search identifies patient coded with a severe reaction or issued auto-injector but they have no contraindication code applied. You may wish to review these patients and add the relevant contraindication code if applicable. 

For patients appearing in the Coded as housebound search, if this no longer applies to the patient, to add the 'no longer housebound' code to the patient record.

For patients appearing in the Generic COVID vaccination code used search you may wish to replace the vaccination codes used with the 1st and 2nd dose codes.

For the 'Patient currently coded as pregnant' search this will include patients who have a code in their record within a time frame which indicates they are still pregnant. It is possible that some of these patients may no longer be pregnant, we recommend to review these patients and check the accuracy of the coding.

The Had 3 vaccination doses, 3rd before 3 months after 2nd search identifies patients coded with a 3rd dose in a 3 month time frame of the 2nd dose being coded. We suggest to review this list of patients to check for any coding errors. 

40. Denominator searches

If you wish to find out why a patient has been included in a cohort such as Residential home, Healthcare worker or Pregnant, please use the searches within the Denominator searches folder. These have been used to compile the patients included in this cohort:

From the searches in this folder, you are able to use the 'Check Patient' function described above and it will let you know which code is on the record and is putting the patient on the relevant list.

50. Ardens Manager Reports

This suite of reports contains a report which can be uploaded to Ardens Manager to view in dashboard format. Please see this support article on uploading the Ardens Manager data to your online dashboard.


For further information on the available Ardens COVID resources to manage Long COVID patients or those patients requiring remote monitoring (CO@H), please see the following support articles.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: