**The following search suite  will be available from v19.3 of the Ardens Immunisation Searches folder**

Ardens have developed a suite of searches to support practices with the COVID19 vaccination enhanced service. The searches will identify eligible patients due a 1st and 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Its important to note that these searches may change, depending on the latest advice. Please see further guidance released by NHS England here.

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > Ardens Immunisation Searches > COVID-19 Vaccination Searches folder.

Folder 00.Overview includes all eligible patients, this is followed by the choice of specific cohorts in folder 01. through to folder 11:

Each folder (except Denominator Searches) includes a similar structure. 

The top search will display total number of patients that meets that particular criteria, including a report that breaks down the vaccination status for each patient (i.e. 1st COVID-19 vaccine, 2nd COVID-19 vaccine). 

Search number 1 will identify the eligible patients that have not had any vaccination doses. The sub searches will show those patients that have been invited and those that have not. 

Search number 2 will identify the eligible patients that have had the 1st dose, with further sub searches to identify those patients that have and have not been invited for a 2nd  dose.

Search number 3 will identify the eligible patients that have had 2 or more COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Right click on the relevant folder and select the Run option to run all searches in the report. Click on the View Results button on the ribbon to see information of the reports.

NOTE - High risk and Medium Risk patients

As we currently have no clarity on the definition of these cohorts, we have identified these cohorts as being patients who are coded as 'High risk of developing complications from COVID-19' (previously shielding) and 'Medium risk of developing complications from COVID-19'. We will aim to adjust this as more detail comes out as to how we could better identify this intended cohort. 

Second Vaccination Planning - First Dose by Week

To assist practices with the planning of calling eligible patients in for a 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose, separate searches are available which offers an insight of those patients who had a the 1st dose less then 1 week ago, 1-2 weeks ago, 2-3 weeks ago or 3 or more weeks ago.

The searches can be found in the 00.Overview > Second Vaccination Planning - First Dose by Week folder.

Vaccination Cohort Overviews 

Audit reports are available for practices to monitor the COVID-19 vaccination activity. The reports are broken down as below and can be found in the 00.Overview > Vaccination Cohort Overviews folder:

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk