Ardens have developed a suite of searches to support practices in monitoring CRQS flu extractions. 

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.8 Ardens Flu Search Suite > Monthly Flu CQRS Discrepancies folder. 

CQRS Flu Discrepancies 

It has come to our attention that there are some patients who have been vaccinated in GP practices but are not being identified by your monthly CQRS payment searches. This means that practices will not receive payment for this activity. This will be due to one of three reasons:

  1. Coding anomalies affecting CQRS claims - "Carers", "care home residents" and "shielding patients" are not included in the Flu CQRS Business Rules. Household contacts of shielding patients may also not have been correctly coded. Additionally there are also some patients included in the Ardens "at-risk" flu search suite who are not included in the Flu CQRS business rules.
  2. Registration anomalies affecting CQRS claims - regular patients that are not correctly registered will not be included in the CQRS auto-extraction (e.g. registration status stuck at "FP1 submitted").
  3. Left and Deceased Anomalies affecting CQRS Claims - the CQRS auto-extraction does not always include patients who have left the practice or died after having received a vaccine.

To support practices to identify these anomalies, the following searches are available in the Monthly Flu CQRS Discrepancies folder:

  • Search 1 - Flu given last month, not at risk according to CQRS - add 9OX4 for payment - this search identifies patients that have been vaccinated by the GP practice and not apparently included in your monthly CQRS extraction. These patient records should be reviewed and the "Needs Influenza Immunisation" (9OX4) code added where appropriate. In order to exclude patients included in the CQRS auto-extraction we have had to use the recently published EMIS Library "Enhanced Service" Flu search and we know this is not 100% accurate - but it is the only search available at this time.
  • Search 2 - Flu given last month, not in Ardens 'at risk' group - review eligibility - this search identifies patients that are not consider as part of the Ardens 'at risk' group, please see following support article on further details on the Ardens eligibility. The following search will help with 'left and deceased anomalies affecting CQRS claims' anomalies, If the patient has left or died please submit a "manual adjustment" (see below).
  • Search 3 - Not properly registered or left/died and vaccinated by practice last month - this search identifies patients registered incorrectly. If the patient is a regular patient but incorrectly registered then this will affect more than just your CQRS claims and needs fixing (please note that Ardens cannot assist practices in correcting the registration status of any patients identified). 
  • Total flu vaccinations given by GP practice last month - displays the total number of patients given vaccinations in the previous month. 

Deadline to complete this work by

Coding and registration anomalies should be fixed and the "9OX4" code appropriately added to records each month before the CQRS extraction to avoid having to do a "manual adjustment" (with the date of the code added to be between 1 Sep 2020 and on or before the date of flu vaccine). 

If you miss the deadline you will have to submit a "Manual Adjustment". Please note that NHS Digital has not confirmed the exact extraction date but they have advised that the data will available to view by the 15th of each month, and we suspect that data is extracted about 2-3 days beforehand.

Manual Adjustments
 A "Manual Adjustment" is where a practice can make an additional manual submission after the CQRS auto-extraction. Practices should only submit a manual adjustment where the number of patients vaccinated according to CQRS does not match practice activity. If practices miss the monthly deadline then this is the only way to submit a retrospective claim for payment.

CQRS Results

The following searches are based on the EMIS CQRS 'at risk' group, and will display the results of the monthly CQRS flu claims. Once run, if these searches are not showing figures you expect, this could be down to the anomalies mentioned above. We encourage all practices, to run and action the CQRS flu discrepancy searches (as above) on the 1st of each month to eliminate any inaccuracies. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: