Ardens includes a large suite of searches and reports and we recommend spending some time exploring these so that you understand what is available for you to use. This webinar introduces these searches and reports and demonstrate how you can use them to improve patient care, increase clinical safety, and maximise practice income.

The following webinar, held on Thursday 16th July, gives an introduction to the Ardens Reporting module and covers the following modules:

The webinar covers the following areas:

  • Case Finding: Identifying patients potentially missing from disease registers.
  • Cancer screening: Supporting practices to improve the uptake of national screening services among their patient population (part of QOF QI and the Network DES).
  • Clinical Safety: Searches to ensure practices are compliant with MHRA guidance.
  • CQRS: Supporting practices with CQRS claims for the current financial year.
  • Prescribing: Identifying patients that might benefit from a review by the practice/PCN pharmacist.
  • Seasonal Immunisations: Searches to assist practices in managing the upcoming flu immunisation season.
  • Remote reviews: Identifying patients that are suitable for a remote review of their long-term condition.
  • End-of-Life: Supporting death analysis auditing.
  • Equipment Loan Module: Create a register to record the loan and return of equipment to the practice.
  • Ardens Manager: our cloud-based analytics platform, will also be demonstrated. This allows practice data to be displayed graphically and (optionally) shared with your PCN, Federation, or CCG so that practices can bench-mark themselves against each other. This is particularly useful for PCNs as areas of particular clinical need can be identified and recruitment decisions can be made using good-quality data.  

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: