The following webinar held on Thursday 19th November offered an overview of the new Ardens searches and reports available.

The webinar included:

  • COVID-19 searches including risk stratification searches to priortise care for 'high risk' patients, and searches to identify eligible patient groups for the COVID-19 vaccination Enhanced Service.
  • Network DES Contract searches to support practices in monitoring achievement for the PCN DES (including IIF, cancer screening, Structured Medication Reviews, and Care Homes).
  • Data Quality searches to identify anomalies affecting payment for CQRS Flu and PPA claims.
  • QOF Case Finding Searches to help identify coding errors affecting reported chronic disease prevalence (QOF point achievement is protected this year but income is still linked to prevalence).
  • Ardens Searches Structure to help practices better understand the structure of our search folders, including guidance around how to best manage our search suite and a discussion around how we keep practices updated, including using the Ardens Portal.

If you require any further assistance on the above, please contact Ardens support on: