It is possible to edit Ardens Seasonal Flu Protocol v14.3 to make it work for your 50-64 age group, if you prefer not to have to re-enter all the batch numbers.

To do so, access the protocol and choose Edit from the ribbon:

When in 'Edit mode', scroll right to find this Multiple Choice Question and double click

The box below will open up:

Choose Exit this protocol and click Edit:

Change the text to read 'Patient eligible as aged 50-64':

Then click Add:

And enter the text 'Exit' then click OK to close that box.

You now need to join up the appropriate links within the protocol. Firstly click on the one shown below and delete the link:

Then join the word 'Exit' to the End node:

Finally, join the new node to the next Multiple Choice Question as shown here:

Save the protocol once complete.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: