There is no need to add the 9OX4 "Needs influenza immunisation" code to patient records when giving a flu vaccine to 50-64 year olds with no other risk factors. CQRS will automatically extract the correct data for payment for this age group each month in the same way that it does for the over 65s (based on the flu vaccine code added to the patient record).

It doesn't really matter if you have already added the 9OX4 code to a patient record in this age group when giving the flu vaccine. You will still be paid, but the patient will fall into the wrong CQRS category (you won't be paid twice).

Updating / Editing the Ardens Flu Protocol
The Ardens flu protocol has to use the EMIS "flu eligibility" concept and this has not yet been updated to include 50-64 year olds not at-risk, which is why it states 50-64y olds are not eligible. It was not clear how 50-64 year olds were to be vaccinated when we launched our flu protocol in August and so we did not include the option to administer a flu vaccine without adding the 9OX4 code. We have now updated our flu protocol to include a new option for 50-64 year olds.

RP sites already have the new protocol but it will need to be copied from our shared folder into a local folder, Template Manager sites can download it from If you choose to use this please note you will need to add all of your batch numbers again.

If you don't want to re-add your batch numbers we are in the process of creating a short video that explains how to edit our existing protocol and add a "50-64 year old" vaccine option. This is actually quite easy and might be the simplest solution if you have some experience in editing protocols. Please see following support article.

PPA Claims
Practices obviously cannot claim for flu vaccine supplied centrally (at no cost). Practices should still claim for vaccines they have administered that have been purchased and the Ardens Flu PPA searches make this easy (by allowing you to filter vaccines administered by batch number). Please see for more information.