Guidance was updated by NHS England on Tuesday evening about inviting patients for COVID-19 vaccination, and MHRA issued further guidance on Wednesday afternoon:


Where PCNs have more patients over the age of 80 than vaccine available you may consider risk stratifying these patients based on co-morbidities and ethnicity and invite the higher risk patients first.

  • GP practices are responsible for generating patient lists for each cohort based on the JCVI definition.
  • MHRA have advised that patients with a history of immediate-onset anaphylaxis to a vaccine, medicine, or food should not have the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

EMIS Health released provisional invitation searches this week. Due to data-quality issues around Health and Social Care (HSC) worker codes these searches are identifying some patients incorrectly.

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The latest version of our COVID-19 vaccination suite (v1.6 or above) does the following:

  1. Allows practices to risk stratify each cohort based on ethnicity and co-morbidities.
  2. Splits out the HSC worker patients into a separate search for manual checking (we have used only the "HSC worker" codes from the flu business rules to identify these patients, and not used any "occupation" codes which are often recorded incorrectly).
  3. Splits out patients with "Housebound" codes.
  4. Identifies patients coded as having had severe allergic reactions / auto-injectors.

If you wish to use these searches please download the latest version of the COVID-19 vaccination searches from the Ardens Portal and run the "02. Age 80y+ and HSC worker" folder.

  • Patients coded with history of severe allergy are automatically excluded from the cohort searches (there is a separate search for these patients in each folder that practices should use to check whether the allergy coding is correct).
    These patients may be eligible for a different COVID-19 vaccination and so we do not recommend adding a "COVID-19 vaccination contraindicated code" to these records unless national guidance is issued advising this.

How to risk stratify cohorts based on ethnicity and co-morbidities
Guidance is evolving rapidly. We have only published searches for the first 5 cohorts so far to avoid errors. Each cohort can be risk-stratified based on local requirements:

  1. Export the "patient details" report as a CSV (it is ESSENTIAL you export as a CSV).
  2. Open this file in Excel and you can then (optionally) filter the data by ethnicity and co-morbidities (please watch our 3-minute video guide if you are not familiar with filtering data in Excel).

The CSV file will provide all the necessary data needed to share with your PCN or import into MJog/iPlato/other SMS provider. There is more detailed information about using these searches in our support article.