Please see the following support video on how to code the COVID vaccine information quickly to the patient record if you choose to do this.

Please note - EMIS Web now has the ability to auto-code Pinnacle vaccine information, practices do not need to duplicate coding.

Please note the F12 protocol mentioned in the above video is only available for Resource Publisher sites. If you are a Template Manager site, please see instructions below on how to create a F12 protocol to launch the Ardens COVID Vaccination Template.

Creating the F12 Protocol to Launch the Ardens COVID Vaccination Template - Template Manager Sites

Access the Template Manager module and select an appropriate folder (e.g. Ardens folder > Specialist Templates folder).

Click on the Add > Protocol option on the EMIS ribbon.

This will open the Protocol Builder screen. Click on the Action Nodes pane to the left of the screen and select and drag over the Launch Template node.

Search for the COVID 19 Vaccination (Ardens) template and once located, select the template and click on OK

Join the Start and End nodes to the Launch Template node as follows:

Save and Close the protocol once complete. 

To add the protocol to the F12 key, press F12 on your keyboard to launch the Protocol Launcher screen.

Right click on a associated letter or number and select the Add option.

Search for the template created above and click on OK

The protocol will now be available to use. Please note - each individual user will need to add the protocol to their F12 key if relevant.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: