We have identified the following error in version 2.5 and below of the Ardens COVID-19 vaccination searches

  • The Cohort 4 searches (70 years and over or clinically extremely vulnerable) are incorrectly including patients under the age of 16.

We fixed this yesterday afternoon in version 2.6 of the COVID-19 vaccine searches. We have added some enhancements today and have now released v2.7 (download via Ardens Portal). We apologise for this error and for the inconvenience caused in having to download a new version of these searches.

New functionality available in version 2.7

The following features have been added to the Ardens COVID-19 vaccination searches (v2.7):

  • Cohort 4 searches now split out women who are coded as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) and pregnant. These patients will require a risk assessment prior to being offered vaccination (RCOG statement).
     Please note that pregnancy is often poorly coded and this list should be carefully reviewed before contacting patients. If the patient is no longer pregnant then please add an appropriate “delivery/termination/miscarriage” code after the date of the latest pregnant code to resolve this.
  • Cohorts 5 – 9 searches are now included. Please note cohort 6 (adults aged 16-65 in an “at-risk” group) is difficult to write accurately as there are no published code-lists for the “at-risk” group.
    We have based our searches on The Green Book list of conditions but there may be patients missed / included incorrectly due to data-quality issues with clinical codes. The EMIS searches will have the same issues.
  • All searches auto-exclude patients where vaccine is coded as contraindicated or declined. They no longer exclude patients coded with history of severe allergy or anaphylaxis, as this is no longer an automatic contraindication.
    There is a search in the “data quality” folder that identifies patients coded with a history of severe allergy or anaphylaxis should practices wish to identify these patients.

Data Quality Searches Folder

The following searches are worth running in the “Data Quality Searches” folder:

  1. Patients coded as having received “second vaccine dose” but no “first vaccine dose” code.
  2. Generic COVID vaccination code used to record vaccine administration instead of “first” or “second” vaccine dose.

Please contact support-emis@ardens.org.uk if you have any questions or require assistance with updating your searches.