Ardens has developed a number of alerts for data quality and clinical safety purposes. For safety and to ensure important information is not missed, the majority of the Ardens alerts has been set to display for all practice staff.

EMIS does have the functionality to specify certain job roles the alert is to be displayed for, and the following support article will outline how to do this.

Before proceeding, please consider the information given above. 

Access the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module.

Select the required alert.

For Template Manager sites - right click on the alert and select Properties, followed by the Triggers tab.

For Resource Publisher sites - select the Manage Triggers option on the ribbon.

Select the trigger and click on the Edit button.

Click on the Job Categories tab and select the Specific Job Categories option.

Select the job categories you would like the alert to display for and click OK once complete.

Repeat the steps above for all triggers set for the alert. Click OK to confirm.

The alert will display for the selected job roles when the criteria has been met.

Please note - the job categories refers to the information that is set for the individual users EMIS profile.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: