COVID-19 Oximetry @home (CO@h) is a new initiative from NHS England whereby patients with symptomatic COVID-19 who do not need immediate hospital attention but are high risk of developing serious symptoms are to be given pulse oximeters to use at home for 14 days, with regular remote monitoring (by SMS/email/phone). Further information can be found here. 

Ardens has developed COVID Oximetry @Home Template, along with searches to help practices manage this process. For further information on locating and using the COVID Oximetry @Home Template, please see the following support article.

To locate the searches, access the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.7 Ardens COVID19 Searches > COVID Remote Monitoring (CO@H) folder.

The ?Start remote monitoring searches will identify patients that meet the pathway criteria. Practices may wish to review the lists of patients and start on remote monitoring if appropriate

The INFO- CONSIDER remote monitoring as COVID-19 in last 14d and <65 search will identify patient COVD positive in last 14 days, practices may wish to review these list of patients. 

The Remote monitoring COVID Oximetry @Home commenced searches will identify patients started on remoting monitoring and includes those patients that have not had sats completed in the last 3 days.

The Remote monitoring - COVID Oximetry @Home declined search will identify patients coded with the appropriate declined code.

The Remote monitoring - COVID Oximetry @Home ended search will identify those patients that have now ended remote monitoring. 

The Remote monitoring - COVID Oximetry @Home not appropriate search will identify patients coded with the relevant not appropriate code.

The Remote monitoring - Oxygen sats at rest on day oximetry monitoring started search identifies patients on remote monitoring and sats on rest coded. 

Please note - the Ardens 'COVID Oximetry @Home Template ' can be used to code the patient has commenced, declined or ended remote monitoring.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: