The latest version (v3.4) of the Ardens COVID-19 vaccination searches include the following updates:


Cohort 6 - Age 16-64 with Underlying Health Conditions (UHC)

The definition of UHC in The Green Book is vague. Whilst examples are given, it clearly states that these are not exhaustive and "prescribers should apply clinical judgment to take into account the risk of COVID-19 exacerbating any underlying disease that a patient may have, as well as the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 itself". This means that clinicians can add patients into cohort 6 who they feel should be prioritised above lower cohorts.

  • The Ardens cohort 6 searches already include all UHCs listed in The Green Book. They now also automatically INCLUDE all patients coded with "Moderate risk category for developing complications from COVID-19".
  • The Ardens COVID-19 vaccination template (v17.1) now includes a page where COVID-19 risk category can be edited. Please select "Moderate Risk" to add a patient into cohort 6 and "Low Risk" to remove them from cohort 6.
  • There is a search in the "Data Quality" folder that identifies patients coded as "Moderate Risk" prior to 1st Feb 2021 that do not appear to have any of the defined UHCs. Clinicians may wish to review this list and consider whether these patients are in the correct risk group.
  • Asthmatics using STEROID INHALERS are no longer included in the Ardens searches for cohort 6 as only patients taking SYSTEMIC STEROIDS are included in cohort 6 in The Green Book. There is a separate search that identifies these patients in the cohort 6 folder. Clinicians may wish to review this list and add the "Moderate Risk" code to those asthmatics who should be prioritised for vaccination in cohort 6.

Asylum Seekers and Homeless Patients

Asylum seekers and homeless patients (where coded correctly) are now included in the "Date and type of first COVID vaccination" report in Folder “00. Vaccination Status”. This allows you to easily confirm numbers of these patients vaccinated if asked by your CCG.

Filtering Searches to produce customised lists

All of the Ardens reports can be filtered in Excel to produce custom patient lists. Please watch our Filtering Data in Excel video ( if you are not familiar with doing this.

Other COVID-19 Resources

We have released some other COVID-19 resources that may be of interest:

  • Long COVID resources includes searches and a Long COVID template that aligns with national guidance.
  • Covid Oximetry @home (CO@h) resources include searches that identify patients with a diagnosis of COVID who are undergoing home monitoring with pulse oximetry. There is an associated template to help manage these patients.
  • Miscellaneous COVID19 searches provide a register of patients with a confirmed COVID19 diagnosis, a register of patients exposed to COVID19, and some data quality searches.

Downloading COVID-19 Resources

In order to make our COVID-19 searches quicker to install we have moved the COVID19 vaccination searches folder out of the "1.5 Ardens Immunisation Searches" folder and created a new top-level folder called "1.7 Ardens COVID19 Searches". This new folder includes ALL of the above searches

Please download these via (select "1.7 Ardens COVID19 Searches"). They are free for all GP practices (including non-subscribers).