There is some confusion around carers and "moderate risk" codes in cohort 6 searches. Our understanding of the situation is below:

  • Carers are in cohort 6 according to The Green Book and JCVI guidance. They will be contacted centrally via the National Booking System (once a carer list has been compiled) but GP practices have NOT been asked to stop inviting carers for vaccine. All versions of the Ardens searches include patients coded as carers in cohort 6 for this reason (please add the code "Is no longer a carer" to remove a patient from the register).
  • The updated EMIS searches do not appear to include carers in their cohort 6 searches.
  • The Ardens searches INCLUDE patients coded with the "Moderate risk" code as this is the only way we can think of that enables clinicians to follow The Green Book guidance and use their clinical discretion to add patients into cohort 6. Please note that the EMIS searches no longer include the "Moderate Risk" code in cohort 6.
  • The updated EMIS protocol in the pink "alert box" that advises which cohort a patient is in no longer appears to include patients coded as carers (or "Moderate Risk") as being in cohort 6.

The Ardens searches remain aligned as closely as possible with published national guidance.