JCVI has published guidance (https://ardens.live/jcvi-immunocompromised) that recommends that adults living with adults who are immunosuppressed should be prioritised for the COVID-19 vaccine.

NHS England has written to GP practices (https://ardens.live/immunocompromised) and asked them to write to patients who fall into the Green Book definition of severely immunosuppressed and inform these individuals that their adult household contacts are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. It is our understanding that NHS England is NOT asking practices to identify these patients themselves (which is extremely difficult to do).

Ardens Resources

The Ardens COVID-19 vaccination search suite (v6.5) includes a new folder "06a Immunosuppressed Patients and Contacts". This contains the following searches:

  1. All immunocompromised patients.
    Use this search to identify your list of patients that need contacting.
  2. Patient coded with the SNOMED code "Lives with immunocompromised patient".
    Use this search to invite eligible patients for vaccine.

Please download these searches from www.ardens.live/portal..

The Ardens COVID-19 vaccination template (v17.4) now includes an "Eligibility" page where the code "Lives with immunocompromised patient" can be added to a patient record. Resource Publisher will receive this update tomorrow. Template Manager sites should download this from www.ardens.live/portal..

Ardens has published a letter template to send patients (based on the NHS England template). This auto-populates all relevant data from the patient record. Resource Publisher sites should receive this document tomorrow but we are waiting for EMIS to confirm that we are able to publish this. Template Manager sites (and RP sites who wish to use the document straight away) should download it from www.ardens.live/portal.