Tuesday 8th June @ 12:00pm 

Click here to access recording

You do not need to book onto this webinar, simply click on the link 10 minutes before start time. This webinar will be recorded and the recording will be available here once the webinar has finished.

The webinar will discuss the PCN DES Contract for 2021-22 and the Ardens resources to help your network and practice achievement. It will include:

  • Overview of the PCN DES requirements.
  • Overview of the relevant templates such as Additional Roles (Social Prescribing, FCP, Pharmacist etc), Care Homes and Learning Disability reviews.
  • Overview of Ardens PCN DES related reports to monitor activity and work to do based on contract requirements such as the IIF criteria or Structured Medication Reviews. 
  • Introduction to Ardens Manager and the PCN DES Dashboard to assist with aggregating data across your practices and monitoring DES activity and achievement at network level. 

Please see the PCN DES 2021-22 support article for further guidance.

Hosted by Mark Keith (Product Specialist) and Esther Bavington (Product Specialist)