Long COVID ES 2021/22

The existing 'Ongoing & Post-COVID' page on the Coronavirus template on Ardens includes all the codes that are required to cover the enhanced service specification, including coding with the correct diagnosis code, signposting to Your COVID Recovery and referral to a post COVID assessment clinic if appropriate. There are a number of reports that can also be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2021 22 | NHSE.

Weight Management ES 2021/22

To support practices with this new enhanced service specification, a number of new reports have been created that can be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2021 22 | NHSE. At present, the code 'Referral to weight management service 1326201000000101' is not available on SystmOne, so the following codes have been used instead which are already available on the obesity, lifestyle and other related templates.

  • Referral to weight management programme 408289007
  • Referral to local authority weight management programme 771491000000104
  • Referral to weight management service offered 767661000000105
  • Referral to residential weight management programme 837111000000105

Please note that this is alongside the earlier commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan specifically targeting online digital programmes for hypertension and diabetes. A referral form for this can be found on the 'Online' page of the hypertension and diabetes template.