The Ardens Flu Search Suite is a comprehensive suite of searches to support practices with the work associated with flu season. The searches are based on the business rules and changes will be applied when adjustments are made.

Locating and Running the Searches

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.8 Ardens Flu Search Suite 2021-22 folder.

It is important to note that these searches may change depending on the latest advice. Before performing any large tasks on this area, we strongly recommend checking the Ardens Portal to see if you are using the latest version of the search suite.

When running the searches, we recommend to run the individual search folder required at that time (e.g. 2. CLINICALLY eligible call & recall 2021-22) to reduce the speed time of the running of the searches.

Right click on the folder and select Run. To view the patients that meet the criteria of the search, click on the Population Included tab. 

Ardens Flu Search Suite Folders

1. CLINICAL review before recall

We recommend practices action this folder prior to recalling patients, we then suggest monitoring this area throughout the flu season. 

The Pts coded '9OX4 - needs flu immunisation' last season, not on 'at risk' list search will identify patients that were not deemed as eligible, however had been coded with 9OX4 in the previous flu season to state a flu vaccine was needed. We suggest reviewing the list of patients and considering whether  a flu vaccine is still needed this season. If the patient does requires a flu vaccine, add the code 185903001 (Needs influenza immunisation) to their care record after the 1st September to ensure the patient is included in the recalling list.

The Pts vaccinated by practice last season, not at risk or 90X4 search identifies patients with a vaccination code entered in the previous flu season, however the patient was not deemed as eligible, neither had the 90X4 code been entered. We suggest reviewing the list of patients and consider if the patient should be coded with (Needs influenza immunisation) after the 1st September to ensure the patient is included in the recalling list. 

The Egg Allergy search folder contains searches to identify patients coded with an egg allergy. Due to the risk of an allergic reaction if given a flu vaccine, depending on the patient age you may wish to offer the patient a different type of vaccine. The Egg Allergy, contraindication not coded (for flu) search will display all currently registered patients that have an egg allergy. If appropriate add the code 185903001 (Needs influenza immunisation) to their care record after the 1st September to ensure the patient is included in the recalling list, for those. We have further broken down this search to identify those patents at risk by age groups.

The Pregnancy-for review (check still pregnant) search folder identifies patients currently pregnant according to the coding in their record in the last 42 weeks, these patients will appear in the at-risk flu groups. We suggest reviewing the list of patients to check the accuracy of this coding. 

2. CLINICALLY eligible call & recall 2021-22

This search folder contains recall lists for inviting patients in for the flu vaccine. The searches are based on the eligibility criteria provided by JCVI. The patients eligible at this time for flu vaccines are as follows:

  • all children aged 2 to 15 (but not 16 years or older) on 31st August 2021.
  • those aged 6 months to under 50 years in clinical risk groups.
  • pregnant women
  • those aged 50 years and over
  • those in long-stay residential care homes
  • carers
  • close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
  • frontline health and social care staff

The 1. Age 65+ (need aQIV or QIV-HD vaccine) search folder includes all patients over the age of 65 years at risk who are not a housebound or care home resident.

The 2. Age 50-64 (need QIVc or QIVr vaccine) search folder includes 2 sub folders. Although all patients aged 50-64 years are temporarily eligible due to the increase of hospitalisation from COVID-19 from the age of 50 onwards, we have listened to feedback from practices and have now split this into the 'at risk' and 'NOT at risk' groups:

The 3. Age 2 & 3 yr Olds search folder includes healthy 2- 3 year olds. Please note - that all older not at-risk children (particular secondary school children) will most likely be vaccinated elsewhere (e.g. school).

The 4. Age 18-49 (need QIVc or QIVr vaccine) search folder includes all 18-49 year old patients at-risk. 

The 5. Age Under 18 (need LAIV vaccine) search folder includes all patients under the age of 18 years at-risk.

The 6. Housebound or Care Home search folder identifies housebound and care home residents, providing the correct code has been entered in the patient record.

Recalling the patients above - each folder includes searches to identify 1st and 2nd flu invitations due. Patients will fall into the 2nd invitation category if they have had one flu invitation sent this flu season more than 7 days ago but there is no indication a flu vaccine has been given. The searches are further broken down by ways of communication (except 2-3 year olds), depending on consent and recording of contact details.

SMS - includes patients with a mobile number that has consented to text messaging. You may also wish to review patients appearing in the 'Mobile phone number in wrong field' search folder to correct patients with the mobile phone number entered incorrectly. 

Email - includes patients that have declined SMS (or have no mobile number) but do have a recorded email address and have consented to emails being sent.

Post - includes patients that have declined SMS and Emails (or have neither) therefore a letter is to be sent.

All - lists all patients for invitations due, regardless of communication type.

Please note - if batch texting or emailing, the associated reports can be exported as a CSV file and will contain the relevant information for the third party messaging service. Please see further details on how to export reports here.

If you are unsure why a patient is appearing in a particular cohort, please see the following support article.

3. OVERVIEW of Achievement 

This search folder contains searches to support practices in monitoring the uptake of flu vaccine amongst the practice. The searches are broken down by cohort and report on the following:

  • flu vaccines done by the practice (providing the right code has been recorded)
  • flu vaccines done by other providers
  • patients that have declined or contraindicated 
  • outstanding patients due the flu vaccine
  • flu vaccines done but incorrect coding used

For patients appearing in the (Done) Vaccinated BY Practice using wrong GP code searches, we suggest reviewing the list of patients (Population Included) and adding the appropriate flu code. Ardens provides a flu protocol which can be launched in the patient record to add the correct code.

4. PAYMENT searches to support with flu CLAIM

The following searches support practices in identifying incorrect or missing payment codes for claims. Please not- the CQRS reports will be available in due course.

The Check coding for payment includes useful searches to check coding is accurate for payment:

  • 1.  Vaccinated with the wrong GP code, without correct coding - review the list of patients (Population Included) and record the correct flu code on the original date entered. 
  • 2. Not on 'at risk' list vaccinated with GP code or drug - the correct flu code has been entered for these patients, however they are not deemed as eligible under the business rules for payment for the flu vaccine. Review the list of patients (Population Included) and consider adding the '9OX4' code to the patient record in order to receive payment. 
  • 3. Anyone vaccinated before 1/9/21 (will not have been claimed for via CQRS) - includes patients with a flu code recorded before the 1st September 21. Review the list of patients (Population Included) and consider if the correct date has been entered. 
  • 4. Vaccination recorded more than once (Immform data quality) - includes patients with more than 1 recorded flu vaccine. Review the list of patient (Population Included) and remove duplicate entries to avoid data not being extracted.
  • 5. Not probably registered or left/died and vaccinated by practice last month - includes patients incorrectly registered, have left the practice or deceased. The associated report will contain details of the registration status and the date the flu vaccine is given, should the practice wish to correct any details. Click on the View Results option to view the report. 

The Flu audit searches provides practices with a total number of flu vaccinations given by the GP practice in the last month.

The PPA claim report for flu (FP34D) provides practices with a report to claim vaccine costs. There is no need to issue a prescription for each flu vaccine administered as the Flu vaccine (along with some others) is a 'high volume vaccine', further information here.

The Sub-reports folder includes the building searches of the search folders above, no further action is needed.


If you wish to find out why a patient has been included in a certain eligibility cohort, please use the denominator searches:

From the searches in this folder, you are able to use the 'Check Patient' function described above and it will let you know which code is on the record and is putting the patient on the relevant list.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: