Ardens has provided practices with a suite of searches to help manage the flu season. For further information, please see the following support article

Please note:

  • There is currently no published code-list to define "clinical risk groups" or "immunocompromised individuals". We have spent many hours building a high quality code-list based on The Green Book definition to identify at-risk patients but we know that our searches will differ from the code-list that EMIS will publish as the definitions are open to interpretation.
  • The EMIS flu vaccine "alert" in the pink alert box advises when a patient is eligible for a flu vaccine. It is based on EMIS Health's interpretation of The Green Book definitions. This reminder will not 100% align with patients identified using the Ardens searches.
  • This means that some patients will be identified as eligible for flu vaccine by Ardens but not by EMIS, and vice-versa. The solution is to add the "9OX4" code to these patient records where appropriate (this code flags the patient as eligible for flu vaccine in both the Ardens and EMIS searches).

For information on how to identify why a patient is included in the Ardens Flu Eligibility searches, please see the following 1-min training video:

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: