The latest version of our influenza vaccination resources are now available. These include the following updates:

Flu Searches

These have been updated (v20.8 or above) to split the 50-64 year olds into "at-risk" 50-64 year olds and "not at-risk" 50-64 year olds. We have also fixed some minor bugs in the other flu searches.

Please note there is no guidance that states that "at-risk" 50-64 year olds should be invited for vaccine before the "not at-risk" 50-64 year olds. These searches have been provided because many GP practices ordered their vaccine early this year and based their initial order only on the "at-risk" 50-64 year olds. They therefore only have enough vaccine at this time to vaccinate this group.

Please download v20.8 (or above) from the Ardens Portal.

Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccination Protocol

The Ardens 2021/22 Flu and Pneumococcal Protocol helps ensure clinicians are vaccinating eligible patients using the correct vaccine and recording this using the correct clinical code for payment. It also guides clinicians through administration of pneumococcal vaccine. There are two protocols - one for flu vaccine and one for pneumococcal vaccine (they each have their own version numbers).

Please read our support article for more information about how to use this, including how to edit the protocol to include your own vaccine batch numbers and expiry dates.

Resource Publisher sites can access these protocols from within EMIS Web.
They will need to be copied into your local folder in order to be able to edit the protocol and add your batch numbers (see above support article). If you cannot see them in the shared "Ardens" folder press "Refresh" on the EMIS ribbon.

Template Manager sites can download these protocols from the Ardens Portal.
Please follow the instructions in the above support article to add in your batch numbers and expiry dates.

It is ESSENTIAL that both the flu AND pneumococcal protocols are copied/imported to the same local folder in EMIS Web or you will be unable to add batch numbers.

Tuesday 7th September, 1pm

Join our live webinar to learn more about how to use these resources. Please visit a few minutes before 1pm on Tue 7th September to join. Please (optionally) register your interest & receive a calendar invite on the Ardens Portal.

Please contact our support team via should you have any questions.