FeNO Testing

Ardens has created a FeNO Testing template to assist with the recording of the FeNO test procedure and results, and referrals made.



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How to Locate the FeNO Testing template:


To access a template from the patient record, outside of a consultation, select the Add > Data using Template option on the EMIS ribbon:


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To access a template from within a consultation, select the Run Template option on the ribbon:


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The Template Picker screen will display.  


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If the template you require is in your recently used list you may highlight it and select OK (or double click).  

Alternatively type the description in the search box and click the Magnify Glass, or navigate to the Ardens folder to the right of Template Picker screen:


The FeNO Testing template is located in Ardens Live Toolset > Consultation Templates > Respiratory folder.


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Searches relating to FeNO Testing:


Ardens have created searches to identify FeNO testing activity done in the last year.


The searches are located in the following folder within Population Reporting:


Ardens Searches > 1.6 Ardens Miscellaneous Review Searches > FeNO (AHSN)


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If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk