NHS England published information on Monday 7th December 2021 that provided details about the changes to QOF and the Investment Impact Fund for this financial year. We sent a summary of this information to all practices and this can be viewed here

Please note we delivered a webinar on Thursday 16th December to talk about theses changes, and you may wish to view this here.

The following support article outlines the Ardens resources available to support practices with these changes. 

QOF - Vaccination and Immunisation

All of the "Vaccination and Immunisation" indicators (VI001 - VI004) remain active and unchanged.

To support practices with identifying eligible patients and to correct historical coding errors to maximise performance, we strongly recommend practices run and action the Ardens QOF Vaccination and Immunisation searches. These are located in the '1.3 Ardens Admin Searches' folder, please see the following support article for detailed information. 

Please continue to advise practice staff to record vaccinations using the Childhood immunisation and Adult Immunisation templates.

QOF - Cervical Smear

The Cervical Smear indicators (CS005 and CS006) remain active and unchanged.

To support practices with monitoring uptake and identifying patients due a smear test, the Ardens Cervical Screening Searches are available. These are located in the '5.6 Ardens Cancer Searches' folder, please see the following support article for detailed information. 

The Ardens 'Cervical Screening' template can be used to record data. 

QOF - Prescribing

The eight prescribing indicators remain active and have increased in QOF point value.

We advise practices to use the EMIS GP contract searches (look at End of QMAS year and select the Population Excluded tab for work to do). 

The Ardens Multi-Morbidity templates incorporates the prescribing indicators for AF, Diabetes, Heart Failure and Stroke/TIA:

QOF - Prevalence 

The remaining indicators will be income protected with the usual prevalence weighting applied based on register population on 31st March 2022. Practices are expected to continue to apply their clinical judgement and deliver as much patient care in the income protected areas as they can, with a focus on the highest risk patients. 

To support practices in maximising prevalence, please see the following support article on how the Ardens Case Finders can help.

To prioritise high risk patients, the Ardens Risk Stratification searches are availble.

Investment and Impact Fund (IIF)

The three flu immunisation indicators remain active and unchanged, all other IIF indicators are suspended. 

The Ardens Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) searches will support practices in monitoring work achieved, work still to do and data quality issues.

You may also wish to use the Ardens Flu Search suite to manage the general call/recall for flu vaccines for eligible patients.

CQRS will continue to operate in 2021/22 and achievement data will be collected and reported for all indicators. Recording of activity should continue and practices can monitor achievement using the Ardens CQRS searches.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk