Ardens has produced a suite of searches, to support practices with prioritising and maximising QOF achievement for those indicators to be paid based on practice performance. These include vaccinations, cervical screening and those relating to optimal prescribing. 

The searches can be located within the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.23 QOF Priority Searches - Jan - Mar 2022 only search folder.

Cervical Screening

The CS005 and CS006 searches are the exact copy of the GP Contract searches. Practices should use the Population Excluded tab once run, to identify eligible patients that still require a smear and to invite the patients in accordingly. 

The Review: Data Quality - possible wrong codes search folder includes searches to identify non-QOF codes used for hysterectomy and smear. Once run, select the associated reports and click the View Resultoption on the EMIS ribbon.  

For the Non-QOF hysterectomy you may find the list extensive, decide by looking at the patient record if the patient has had a total hysterectomy and code correctly.

For the Non-QOF smear code report, this will return, amongst others, patients with a non-responder code. Please note that the non-responder code is not part of QOF, practices must decide if the patients needs to be invited (add invitation code) or excepted (add appropriate exception code).

The Review: Had 2 invitations, consider 3rd search folder will display patients that have been sent 2 invitations in the last 3 years and 6 months and are 7 days apart. Practices may wish to consider sending a 3rd invitation to this group of patients. Once run, select the associated reports and click on the View Results button on the EMIS ribbon. 

The Review: Had 3 invitations, consider excepting search folder will display patients that have had 3 invites sent. Practices may wish to apply the correct exception code to remove patient from the indicator. 

Prescribing Indicators 

The Prescribing Indicators search folder includes the 8 optimal prescribing areas. 

Once run, practices are to select the Population Included tab for each search to view the list of patients and adding the appropriate medication.

Practices may wish to use the Ardens Multi-Morbidity template to record the data for the prescribing elements. 

The Review: Data Quality folder includes the following searches:

  • DM022 - Type 1 Diabetic not on statin - you may wish to review the list of patients and add the appropriate medication.
  • DM022 - Type 2 Diabetic, QRISK>3 years old or not done - needs QRISK - review the list of patients and add the QRISK score. Note these patients will not be picked up in the main indicator if the QRISK score is not present.
  • Patients with AF who needs a CHA2DS2-VASc score - View results of the report and add the CHA2DS2-VASc score to the patient record.
  • DM006 - ACE OR ARB declined or contraindicated - needs BOTH to exclude - these patients have been declined/ contraindicated ONE of ACE or ARB. To be removed from the denominator, they need to have had both declined/ contraindicated if appropriate. View results of the report and consider whether a decline or contraindicated code for the missing drugs is appropriate.
  • STIA007 - Anti-coag OR Anti-platelet declined or contraindicated - needs BOTH- as above, patients can be on either an anti-coag or anti-platelet. If declined from only one, then the patient will remain in the denominator. Please 'view results' of the report and add additional codes as needed.

Vaccination and Immunisation

This search folder is a replicate of the QOF Related searches found in 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches. It contains searches to monitor eligible patients requiring a vaccination and data quality searches to identify coding errors which will effect payment.

For full details on how to use these searches. please see the following support article.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: