This area forms part of the "Prevention and Tackling Health Inequalities" domain of the Investment and Impact Fund. It aims to help ensure that all patients get the access to the care they need and focus interventions on groups who experience health inequalities. 

This area includes two indicators covering care for learning disability patients and the recording of the ethnicity status for all patients registered at the practice. 

Learning Disability

The learning disability indicator (HI-01) requires practices to ensure that all patients on the QOF Learning Disability register (aged 14 years or over) receive an annual health check and a completed health action plan. The health action plan needs to be recorded on or after the date of the annual health check.

If the patient refuses the offer of a learning disability health check an appropriate code can be added to exclude the patient. The guidance, however, states that GPs are reminded

to assess the patients capacity using the Mental Capacity Act framework (you may wish to use the Ardens 'Mental Capacity Assessment' template). 

The IIF guidance states that PCNs should ensure learning disability patients are 

accurately coded and the ethnicity status is recorded. 

Please note that in addition to the Network DES payment, practices will also receive an item of service payment of £140 for each annual health check completed. 


The ethnicity indicator (HI-02) requires practices to code an ethnicity status for all 

registered patients. 

There are no exclusions for this indicator as patients that choose not to state their ethnicity will be counted towards achievement, providing one of these codes are used:

  • Ethnicity recorded as not stated 
  • Ethnicity not stated - 1024701000000100
  • Refusal by patient to provide information about ethnic group - 763726001

Please note - the codes above are to only be applied if you have given the patient the opportunity to state their

ethnic category and should not be used for patients simply missing ethnicity data.


HI-01 - Percentage of patients on the QOF Learning Disability register aged 14 years or over, who received an learning disability Annual Health Check and have a completed Health Action Plan 36LT - 60%
UT - 80%
HI-02 - Percentage of registered patients with a recording of ethnicity on their GP record45LT - 81%
UT - 95%

Monitoring Network DES Activity for LD and Ethnicity

Navigate to the Ardens Searches > 5.32 Network Contract DES (NCD) (2022-23) >a. Investment and Impact Fund (IIF).

The Work done folder will show practice achievement.

The Work to do folder will identify outstanding work to be done.

For each 'TO DO' search click on the "Population Included" tab to view the list of patients.

Supporting Ardens Resources - LD

Recording annual health check data 

To support the recording of data for the annual health check for LD patients, the "Ardens Learning Disability" template is available. The template includes a

'Coding - Health Check done' page to record the annual health check has been done and the health action plan completed/reviewed:

Saving the template will prompt the user if they wish to launch the "Ardens Learning Disability Health Action Plan":

The brief version will pre-populate the patient demographic details and allow the 

clinicians to manually complete details of the plan. The full version will also populate the patient problems, medication, allergies, immunisations and other health data.

Increasing the Learning Disability practice register 

The "Ardens Case Finder" searches will support you in identifying patients missing from the practice Learning Disability register, this could be due to incorrect coding 

errors or no code present. Further information on the "Case Finder" searches can be accessed here

Identifying missing ethnicity codes for learning disability patients

To identify LD patients with no ethnicity code recorded, navigate to Ardens Searches > 5.7 Ardens Learning Disability Searches > Ethnicity Reports for LD Patients:

Run the "No Ethnicity Code" search and view the list of patients in the

"Population Included" tab.

Supporting Ardens Resources - Ethnicity

Identifying patients requiring an ethnicity status recorded

Patients requiring an ethnicity status recorded can be identified in the Ardens Searches > 5.32 Network Contract DES (NCD) (2022-23) > a. Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) > 2. Work to do > Ethnicity folder: 

Once run, select the 'To Do' search and click on the Population Included tab to view the list of patients.

Updating patient ethnicity statues 

Please see further information here on how Ardens can help you to easily record ethnicity for patients.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: