The Anticipatory Care area forms part of the "Providing High Quality Care" domain. It includes one indicator which aims to reduce the number of emergency admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive conditions (ACSCs).

Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions are conditions that could be managed effectively at home or in the community, to avoid secondary care admissions. 


AC-02 - Standardised number of emergency admissions for specified Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions per registered patient111Reduction
LT - 0
UT - 0.001

LT - 0.01
UT - 0.008

The data for this indicator is extracted via Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and NHAIS/PDS and is not reliant upon coding in the patient record. Due to how the data is extracted, Ardens offer searches as guidance only if emergency admission codes have been captured in the patient record.

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