The Access area forms part of the "Providing High Quality Care" domain. It aims to support improvement in access to general practice.

This area includes five indicators focusing on:

  • Online consultations
  • GP Patient Survey results
  • Pre-referral Specialist Advice requests
  • Referrals to the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)


ACC-02 - Number of online consultation submissions received by the PCN per registered patient18Single threshold - 0.26
ACC-05 - By 31 March 2023, make use of GP Patient Survey results for practices in the PCN to (i) identify patient groups experiencing inequalities in their experience of access to general practice, and (ii) develop, publish and implement a plan to improve patient experience and access for these patient groups, taking into account demographic information including levels of deprivation48N/A
ACC-07 - Number of pre-referral Specialist Advice requests across twelve specialties identified for accelerated delivery per outpatient first attendance44LT - 0.066
UT - 0.19
ACC-08 - Percentage of patients whose time from booking to appointment was two weeks or less71LT - 85%
UT - 90%
ACC-09 - Number of referrals to the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service per registered patient27Single threshold - 0.034

Monitoring Network DES Activity for Access 

Due to how the data is being extracted for the majority of the Access indicators, Ardens are only able to provide guidance searches for some of these indicators. 

Navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.3 Ardens National Cntrct Reports > Network Contract DES (NCD) > a. Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) > 3. Guide only > Other:

Supporting Ardens Resources

The Ardens CPCS resources supports gathering the triage information for the pharmacist.

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