The Personalised Care area forms part of the "Providing High Quality" domain. This area includes one indicator which focuses on social prescribing.


PC-01 - Percentage of registered patients referred to a social prescribing service20LT - 1.2%
UT - 1.6%

There is one valid code to count towards achievement for this indicator:

  • Referral to social prescribing service (procedure) - 871731000000106

Personalised care adjustments (PCA or otherwise known as exceptions) can be applied manually for patients that decline the referral for social prescribing services.


Please note - "offer of social prescribing" does not count towards achievement of this indicator. 

Monitoring Network DES Activity for Personalised Care

Navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.3 Ardens National Cntrct Reports > Network Contract DES (NCD) > a. Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) > 1. Work Done > Other:

Supporting Ardens Resources

To support staff recording activity for social prescribing, the Ardens "Social Prescribing and Health Coaching" template is available:

Many of the Ardens Templates include the referral code for Social Prescribing (e.g. Chronic Disease Templates)

To identify patients with more than 10 appointments in the last year who may benefit from a social prescribing referral, navigate to Population Reporting > Ardens Searches > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches > Appointment Related Searches > Frequent Attender.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: