All of the LTC recall searches are all looking at this fiscal year, which is causing problems for the 2nd invite as you cannot use a relative run date of last fiscal year.


We therefore recommended any practices who were pro-active in running April birthdays before the end of 31/3/22, to re do the batch add for the first invitation on the 1/4/22.  If you did this, then for your second invite searches you should use the date parameter On 1/4/22.  This should return the correct results.


However, if you did not re add the first invite code on 1/4/22 this is what we recommend you do:


  1. Run the first invite searches again for the relevant month (i.e. April birthdays) with a relative run date of 1/4/22.
  2. Batch add the code for the first invite for all those patients with the date of 1/4/22:



  1. Run the 2nd invites with the date parameter set on 1/4/22 as this will exclude anyone already had a review this fiscal year, leaving those that haven’t and need a 2nd invite sent.