Network Contract DES New Features


Please see full article and Network Contract DES dashboard overview here.

There are several new features in the Network Contract DES Dashboard this year. If you are logged in as a practice, you will need to follow the instructions on the ‘Upload Network Contract DES 2022-23 Reports’ task to view your data.

  • EMIS Practices - please ensure you have the latest 5.32 Ardens National Contracts Reports downloaded from the portal.
  • SystmOne Practices - you will have access to these reports under Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Contracts | 2022 23 | NCD.

Note - please  add in your Care Home beds to Ardens Manager. To do this, select 'Care Homes' at the top of the dashboard and then the 'Data' tab underneath. Scroll to Organisation Activity at the bottom and select 'Add' next to EHCH01d. 

Payment Dashboard


We have introduced the payment dashboard to give an indication of expected payment. As we do not have data regarding indicator prevalence, payments will be weighted by PCN list size only. Not all indicators will be displayed on the Payment tab, please navigate to the Data tab to see all available reports as well as patient counts and thresholds. 

**Please note, the calculations below are for example only and will not be reflective of your practice or PCNs specific income. Where we do not have specific indicator prevalence available, indicator income will be weighted by CPI only and therefore may not be a true representation of income achieved.**


‘Guide Only’ Indicators


Where data sources come from outside the clinical systems, we have created ‘Guide only’ reports which can be used to give an indication of activity. All of these indicators have an information icon (i) which will provide you with further information on the specific indicator and also how the Ardens report will assist. 



Downward Indicators


Several indicators on the NCD contain indicators that require percentages to decrease instead of increase. A downwards arrow will be displayed next to these indicators on the Data tab




Organisational Activity


We have expanded the organisational activity area including service requirements which are part of the Network Contract DES and not the IIF. This enables PCNs to keep track of required items that can’t be extracted via clinical reporting. The number of care home beds will also need to be manually entered via the EHCH-01d to calculate percentage achievement for EHCH-01 as discussed above.


QOF Dashboard 

There have not been many changes to the QOF contract for this financial year and much of the functionality is the same. For clarity, the 'Report' tab is now labelled 'Payment' to show QOF achievement in monetary terms. 

Quality Improvement Indicators 

Four new QI indicators were introduced and Ardens Manager now has these available for your practice to collate evidence.

Select the 'Add' option to the right of the tracking bar to store evidence of your practice engagement - you can drag and drop external files into the bottom bar of the pop-up. Selecting 'Mark as Complete' will add the points available to your overall practice achievement. 

Note - For QIPD009 and QIOA011, there is a download template available for your practice to respond to the organisational requirements in the suggested format. 

SMI HC and NHS HC - Coming Soon