For firearms licenses, local constabularies assess applicants and will ask the applicants GP to provide general medical information. This information consists of a factual report based on the applicant’s medical history.


Ardens have developed resources to assist practices with completing this report and monitoring those patients with a firearm certificate.


Shotgun and Firearms Template

The Ardens Shotgun and Firearms template has been designed to give guidance on how to respond to the initial general request from police firearms licensing officers.


To locate the Ardens "Shotgun and Firearms" template, access the relevant patient record. Open a new consultation and select the Run Template option (if not in consultations, click on the Add button on the EMIS ribbon, followed by Data Using Template option).


This will open the Template Picker screen. If you have accessed any templates before, these will display to the left of the screen. Search for the template by typing “shotgun” in the search box.

This will return the "Shotgun and Firearms (Ardens) template" (alternatively select the Ardens > Consultation templates > Administrative (clinical) folder to the right of the screen).


There is a Background page detailing the current process for firearms licensing, with a link to guidance on the BMA website.


The Licence page enables you to document administrative information such as the current status of the patients’ licence, record if a fee has been requested and record when the medical report has been sent off.  There is a Concerns section for capturing data around risks and concerns:


Firearms Searches

Ardens has provided a search to enable you to easily keep track of patients with firearms certificates, or those that have applied for one.


To locate the search, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches > Firearms searches folder.

The search will display all patients who currently have a firearm certificate or have applied for a certificate. The report underneath the search will provide patient details and the latest firearms code with the date this was added to the patient record.


Firearms Documents

Ardens have provided a number of firearms document templates, including Firearms letters, for further details on how to locate, please see the following support article

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: