The Ardens Cervical Smear template facilitates the detailed recording of information in relation to a patient’s cervical screening. This includes history, lifestyle, consent and chaperone, smear procedure and results, as well as any onward referrals.


Access the template in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation.


Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. 

Search for the 'Cervical Smear’ template using the search box provided or via the navigation pane. Select the template and click on OK.


The Screening Programme page outlines the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in England and allows the user to add a personalised care adjustment if there has been no response to three invitations.

The Notify CSAS cease/defer smear is used to record information, where it is appropriate to cease or to defer a cervical smear. The page includes background information on when this may be appropriate and allows the relevant declined or not indicated code to be added.


The page also includes a link to Open Exeter to cease, defer or reinstate cervical screening for a patient, including detailed instructions on how to achieve this.

The History page allows the user to record details of the clinical assessment. It also provides the user with an opportunity to record any discussions about domestic abuse if appropriate.

The Lifestyle page facilitates the adding or updating of core observations such as blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, and alcohol status. There is also a section to record a patient’s smoking status, and/or the offer of smoking cessation advice.

The Consent and chaperone page allows for the recording of a chaperone offered or present, as well as recording the patient’s consent for intimate examination or procedure.

The Smear procedure page is used to record details of the taking of a cervical smear, as well as any other procedures that may be done at the same time.

Results from the procedure can be recorded on the Smear Results page, with the option to also record a DNA or add a diary entry for an earlier follow up if required.

The Management Guidelines page contains a link to the Clinical Knowledge Summaries for Cervical Screening.


The Referrals and colposcopy page provides information about when a patient should be referred for colposcopy, the ability to record the referral code, and whether the result if normal or abnormal.

There is also a page for Female Genital Mutilation, should there be a need to record any concerns for the patient. Ardens has also created a separate FGM template.


The Patient Resources page offers links to information resources for cervical screening and colposcopy examination. You may also record that you have given a patient information leaflet.

Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save option.


If using the template via the Run Template option within an open consultation, you will also need to click Save to save the consultation.


In addition to the template, Ardens Cervical Smear Letters are available and can be found in the Ardens National Documents folder. More information can be found here.


We have also provided searches within our Ardens Diary Recall System to identify patients who are due or overdue a smear.

You can find searches for the Cytology Public Health Indicators within the 5.2 Ardens QOF Reports folder, and National Cancer Screening searches for cervical smears in the 5.6 Ardens Cancer Searches folder.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: